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Activating turmeric

Recently while reading up on the best ways to use turmeric for your health I came across something very interesting.

It turns out that I may not be getting the most value out of the turmeric I was eating because of how it is absorbed into my bloodstream.

Was I eating healthy but not really benefiting?

Let’s start with WHY I eat this amazing spice, as it has now become part of my daily routine. For many many years people from India have been eating turmeric for the multitude of health benefits. Some studies suggest that these benefits include:

  • Helping fight cancer
  • Being a powerful anti inflammatory – it can even help arthritis sufferers
  • Helping increase our antioxidant capacity by neutralising free radicals
  • Helping brain by increasing the growth of new neurons
  • Helping our heart function better
  • Helping to prevent Alzheimers Disease

As you can see, turmeric is exceptionally good for us! I particularly like to make a drink with it in the afternoon when my energy goes a little flat.

The active ingredient in turmeric

It’s all because of curcumin, the main active ingredient in this spice. However, eating turmeric alone doesn’t give you enough curcumin to be really beneficial. You are much better off with turmeric extract as it contains much higher levels of curcumin.

But it turns out that curcumin isn’t absorbed well into our bloodstream. So while I think I am doing a good thing, my poor body isn’t able to take in this goodness as best it can!

When curcumin enters the body it is rapidly absorbed into the liver and intestine wall. This means that most of the spice that is eaten goes unused by the body….unless it is consumed with black pepper.

YES! Turmeric and black pepper go together like Sonny and Cher!

Our livers like to make some substances water soluble so that they can easily pass through – this is what happens with curcumin. However, eating turmeric with black pepper changes this as black pepper contains piperine, a powerful drug inhibitor which slows the absorption process.

Turmeric and a fatty meal

Curcumin is also fat soluble, so when you eat the root or dried powder the natural oils found in it aid in absorption. Another way to eat it is with a fatty meal (good fats!), so that the curcumin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the lymphatic system, skipping over the liver.

This information changed the way I eat this spice. Now, when I am preparing a curry (with good fats) I simply add turmeric AND black peppercorns. It tastes great! As soon as I eat the first mouthful, I get a feeling of coming home and being nurtured with a vital resource.

I also found a great Turmeric Paste recipe at www.turmericforhealth.com which you might like to check out. Add this to your favourite meal or smoothie for a great health boost.

PS … Thank you Natasha Young for posting this recipe on Facebook:

  • Slice of Turmeric
  • Slice of Lemon
  • Slice of Ginger
  • Honey
  • Pepper

You have to let it infuse for 5/10 mins and it’s really pleasant. And it stops the food cravy in the afternoon.

PPS … Here is an excellent article you may also find helpful about the Turmeric and Its 20 Amazing Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About.

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