The AreekeerA® Adventure

A Global Self Growth Movement

First adventure begins ~ 11 July 2020

Dear One,


I’m Julie Lewin ~ a Medical Intuitive supporting people with their physical, emotional and spiritual health for over 35 years.


Everywhere I look I see fundamental issues with humanity. I simply cannot stand by and watch any longer – I have been divinely guided to create a solution.


Until recently, I have shared my work with one person at a time, and it’s time for this to change.

Here is what I see and have experienced myself, can you relate?

  • The global coronavirus pandemic has created social isolation … and you feel even more disconnected and lonely
  • You have material wealth available to you … and yet you worry about money and feel less abundant than ever
  • You have access to an infinite amount of information via the Internet … and yet you feel lost and confused about what to do to feel whole, vibrant and safe
  • You take reasonable care of your health … but you continue to have niggles that bother you 
  • You are intelligent and others see you as successful … and yet you can’t shake the self-doubt and inner critic
  • The media and our culture talk about inclusivity and acceptance … and yet you feel different and like no one truly understands you
  • You meditate when you can … yet you don’t really feel connected to Source
  • You see gurus and leaders who you’d like to learn from … but their courses and programs are few and far between or out of your reach

Learn How to navigate your self growth here

I have learned how to support myself – and my clients – to work through all of these issues, and now I want to share the process with you.

Join me today, and be one of the Founding Members as we create this much needed Global Self Growth Movement – AreekeerA® Adventure.

A 13 month adventure with daily self-care rituals to help you to thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

areekeeka® adventure

Prices are shown in Australian Dollars.

During this 13 month adventure, you will:

  • Enjoy genuine connection with like minded souls on a similar spiritual self-improvement journey
  • Learn how to tap into the infinite abundance of the Universe
  • Be in a community where you feel seen, heard and understood
  • Experience self-care on a whole new level so you feel joyful and vibrant
  • Witness your stress and anxiety dissolve and start living with peace and trust
  • Tap into your own higher wisdom and step into who you were born to be 
  • Learn how to be connected to Source energy in everything you do

… all incorporated into a simple yet powerful step-by-step plan for you to follow.

The Foundations

The 13 month adventure is based on my AreekeerA® Oracle Deck, which describes 7 aspects of self:

Physical | Emotional | Mental | Auric | Energy | Spiritual | Etheric

PLUS healing templates from my book – The Art of Self-Healing.

here’s what you get On the adventure

Each aspect contains 8 cards and lessons. A week of self care and healing is allocated to each card over 56 weeks. Each week includes its own lesson plan and an area for goals to set and focus on.

You will be given interactive PDFs to fill in each week, download and print to create your living journal. There is also a monthly plan where you can tick off your self growth task each day.

There are weekly 45 minute live healing meditation sessions with me. There will be recordings of these sessions in the program if you miss the Live. Students have found these recordings powerful.


Join the Adventure



Introduce yourself in the Community


Get to know the others on the Adventure

Julie Lewin is a caring, engaging, knowledgeable and positive person who understands and imparts her teachings with a real passion and drive. Her techniques are surprisingly simple yet profoundly impacting and can be used effectively in so many areas of ones life. 

Lynn Langman

I highly recommend anybody who is on their spiritual path who want to learn some amazing new skills to help themselves and others to do this program. It is very easy to follow and apply to everybody’s life. Life changing and AMAZING.

Di Crane

I use many of the simple, yet powerful healing templates and have also used them on my kids with great success. AreekeerA® has deepened my connection to myself and given me tools I can use anywhere to improve and maintain my own health.

Cathy Fyffe

If you are tired of experiencing this: 

  • Being in a constant state of stress and anxiety, or other minor health issues – on all levels
  • Not being clear about your purpose, and life always feels like a struggle
  • A feeling of utter isolation and like you are trying to do everything on their own 
  • Disconnected!

Join us now and you will have:

  • More vitality and vibrancy, feel more connected to other people and to the Universe
  • Tools to deal with challenges and stress on your adventure
  • community of like-minded people to grow and share with
  • Be in a safe, sacred community for 13 months 

Join us today!


then pay

$997 upfront … or
$97 per month

Upfront price of $997 includes
BONUS deck of AreekeerA Oracle Cards + Book & audiobook of “The Art of Self-Healing” [prev. “AreekeerA Vibration: Healing Yourself From Within”]

If you pay monthly, you may cancel your membership at any time.


 Here’s some frequent a’s to your q’s. And if you still have a question, email us


Will you be allowing new people into the group?

From time to time new members will join the group.

Can I join at any time?

No, I will be opening a new round for people to join at a later time, I am not sure when. 

When will the next intake be?

I am not sure when this will be. 

How do I invite a friend?

Simply send them this link and they can sign up.

How do I pay?

You can pay by PayPal or credit card through Stripe.

If you don’t want to pay via either of these methods, please email me at and I will arrange an invoice for internet banking or money transfer. This option is only available if you pay for the whole program upfront.

AreekeerA®  has given me the courage and confidence to keep moving forward on my journey. Julie was so supportive and I met many wonderful people all on their own journey. 

Tereza Cacaj

AreekeerA® Adventure

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