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You are a deep thinker and prefer deep gutsy conversations to small talk

You doubt your gifts and intuition and may suffer from a hint of perfectionism 🙂

feel like you haven’t found your tribe / people yet

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You can heal yourself when you know how. Check out these revolutionary templates.

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What Is Medical Intuition?
Who is it For?

Your body holds vibrational messages about your past and what’s happening at the present. These messages can be received by a medical intuitive, such as myself, to help identify energy blockages in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

A medical intuitive session is for people who experience physical, emotional and spiritual blockages in their body, have tried other options without success and want help.

Anthony William - Medical Medium
I get many calls from people who have read Anthony William, Medical Medium’s book. One of the things they say to me is how much his work has helped them by following his healing protocols and changing the way they eat. I love hearing these validations for Anthony’s work.

Many come to me when they realise there is something more that needs to be done. And that’s to work with their trapped emotions.


To heal is a multi-pronged journey. FOOD is absolutely important and Anthony does a great job with this. Managing your stress is also important. As is listening to your intuition and learning how to communicate with your energy body to create physical healing.

Also, it is good to work with a facilitator who can get under emotional blocks and release the “beaver dam” stopping your meridians from flowing freely throughout your body.

Do you work long distance?
YES, Absolutely.

In the book, “The Intention Experiment”, Lynne McTaggart says when scientist, Gary Schwartz was exploring healing “In some instances, healers sent healing from thousands of miles away and the effect did not decay with distance.” 


The conclusion about the source of distance healing … “It was likely to be closer to a quantum field, possibly more akin to light.”

I agree with this concept … not only about distance healing – but the ability to see inside the body and diagnose over great distances.

How can a medical intuitive session with you help me?
When I scan you, I tune into your energy (holographic) body and see, feel and hear in my body what is happening in your body.

The root cause of your discomfort or illness is trapped emotion. Together we work with the healing templates I’ve developed over the last 34 years to release these blockages.

You gegin the journey to balance your body yourself!  This is a powerful life changing experience.

What does a Julie Lewin medical intuitive session involve?
As soon as a session is booked, the work begins at the subtle realm.

The medical intuitive scan is the first part of the session which is done before the call or at the beginning of an in person session.

These findings are shared with you and more information is downloaded during this time. Once the full health blueprint is outlined, the healing part of the session begins and this is unique to your particular needs and is intuitively facilitated.

The session can be recorded for you and a summary emailed afterwards. A copy of any healing templates that have been used in the session and are sold separately will be uploaded to a Google Folder for your ongoing reference.

A week after your session, you will get a follow up call to find out how everything is going and see if there is anything further you need.


Do I have to do anything?
You will most likely be given some homework to do. It doesn’t take long each day, and can have a profound impact on your health and well-being.

About Me

Hi, I’m Julie Lewin and I’m a Medical Intuitive for people who want to be well and are willing to be responsible for their self-healing practices.

I help you clear the deep seated blocks that impact on your health. And support you to change state radically, with a variety of uniquely designed and delivered programs – including one-on-one sessions, solo and group retreats, memberships, and self-healing templates.

Why would you work with me?

You are a perfectionist, giver and you struggle to give yourself permission to take the time for you to refill your energy reservoir.

I know how this feels, I’ve experienced the dilemma too and come through the other side. There is another way.


It’s been about 10 days since I had the session with you. Even though I still have things to work on I feel that since seeing you I have really turned a corner and I would say it is the best I have felt in over 4 months. I have been working on all levels. I have re-listened to our session which was really helpful to review over the last week. I continue to do the energy healing with the imprinted paper too. Much gratitude!

Julie Maia


It was enlightening, and now having the knowledge of how to help myself I can get better and improve in all areas of life. I didn’t realise my doubt was so strong, that explains why people who doubt used to bug me :-).

I have tried so much and so hard to get better, but knew there was something else I had to do. Thank you so much Julie, I can’t wait to start on the meditations.

Susan Greenwood


When my sister introduced me to the idea of talking to Julie and looking at her website I was sceptical. I downloaded a meditation and connected with her voice, it was divine and for the first time felt at peace with nothing else zipping in and out of my mind.

I also talked to Julie and is she spot on! She diagnosed accurately what was going on. I look forward to feeling well totally again. Have a go!

Judy Radke


Practical Resources

Intuition & Self-Healing Book

AreekeerA® Vibration: Healing Yourself From Within is a revolutionary book about new medicine! Filled with 66 techniques to help you develop your inate gift of intuition and self-heal.

AreekeerA® Oracle Deck

A revolutionary oracle deck with a practical spiritual foundation. They are eerily accurate and people say they can feel vibration coming out of them.

Healing Meditations

This program has useful, powerful strategies not only for before, during and after surgery, but the for rest of your life. Achieve change by simply listening to these meditations.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

There are many ways to be inspired to live your best life.

When a seed falls to the ground, it knows its potential. The blueprint is already there. Once the conditions are right, it sprouts and grows full out seeking the light. 

At the green spark of conception, a tiny human downloads their blueprint. All being well, it is born and grows to adulthood. Some people need kindness, some need to be pushed, and others need to be  praised.  There is no right or wrong about this.

Each blueprint has its own code. Do you need help to read your code? If yes, we need to talk.


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Take Control of your Path Today!