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This blog is based on the article COPPER TOXICITY SYNDROME
 by Dr. Lawrence Wilson. You can read the entire article here which covers the impact of copper imbalance: http://www.drlwilson.com/articles/copper_toxicity_syndrome.htm#IMPSYMPTOMS

Following on from our previous post on Copper Toxicity Syndrome, I would like to talk about some of the effects on the body copper imbalance can produce.

It is important to remember that this copper imbalance can take 3 forms – excessive copper, a deficiency in copper or bio-unavailable copper.

The nervous system

Copper has been known to have a significant impact on the nervous system – it is sometimes called the ‘emotional mineral’. An imbalance seems to enhance all emotional states. Other conditions like depression, violence, headaches, ADHD and delayed emotional or mental development can also be improved by balancing copper levels.

Copper and the blood

Anemia that appears similar to an iron deficiency is another side effect, usually of copper deficiency or bio-unavailable copper. Copper is required for the production of hemoglobin and not enough copper present means that iron cannot change from ferric to ferrous and back again.

Copper and infections

Having a copper imbalance can be linked to fungal infections, particularly sinus infections. Copper is needed for aerobic metabolism so without it infections can thrive. Elevated copper is also associated with low zinc levels and because zinc is needed by our immune system this can reduce our immune response. Copper is also know to kill or at least impede some parasites so while natural supplements might kill off bacteria, it will come back until a copper balance is restored.

Copper and the reproductive cycle

Copper plays a vital role in reproductive cycle and symptoms in women (who tend to have a higher level of copper than men) include:
• Premenstrual syndrome
• Miscarriages and infertility
• Low libido (this occurs in both men and women)
• Excessive sexual interest

Copper and connective tissue

Excess copper can have detrimental effect on connective tissue. Symptoms can include arthritis, osteoporosis, stretch marks and joint problems of other kinds.

Copper and vitamin C also have a unique relationship – they oppose each other. Copper tends to oxidise vitamin C meaning a higher daily intake is required. If this balance is not restored it can lead to symptoms like scurvy, through a lack of vitamin C.

Other copper imbalance related conditions:

Addiction When our adrenals are stimulated (by exercise, sex, loud music, stimulants etc) this help keeps our copper levels in balance. Without this stimulation we can generate an excess of copper leading to depression and moodiness which can easily result in addiction.

Cancer copper inhibits the immune system. Copper can be linked to cancer through high levels of estrogen, liver toxicity, altering thyroid gland activity, infection and interfering with zinc metabolism.

The high copper personality This is a person who has very high levels of copper and who tends to accumulate copper very easily. While there are many positive traits of a high copper personality (a warm, caring and sensitive nature combined with artistic orientation), there are also negative traits. These include spaciness, racing thoughts, living in a dream world and naiveté. The original article suggests that artists, inventors and other high-copper types often “live on the edge”, in part due to their high copper level.

These conditions mentioned are merely some general areas where an imbalance can effect the body. Many of these can be broken down into a large number of conditions when you read the original article further.

Copper is also an important consideration in a vegetarian diet. Most zinc in our diet comes from meat, so a purely vegetarian diet can lead to higher than average copper levels. Excess copper interferes with zinc, an integral ingredient in producing digestive enzymes. The original article references further information on this topic on their website, which I encourage you to read.

It is recommended that if this topic resonates with you that you should read the original article.

In the upcoming final post we will discuss some more sources of copper, how to detect an imbalance and how to correct it.

This blog is based on the article COPPER TOXICITY SYNDROME
by Dr. Lawrence Wilson. You can read the entire article herehttp://www.drlwilson.com/articles/copper_toxicity_syndrome.htm#IMPSYMPTOMS

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