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An Introduction to Energy Healing


Energy healing is something we all have a role to play in to be well. I believe our thoughts and words can have an impact everyday on how we feel and, in the long term, can lead us to a happier and healthier life.

How do I know this? Because I have seen it over and over and over again. I teach people how to do energy healing and I have done it myself for over 30 years. My name is Julie Lewin, and I am a medical intuitive.


What is a medical intuitive?

A medical intuitive can be many things, but let me explain to you what it is that I do as a medical intuitive.

Through a process I have developed over the past 35 years, I have found a way of going to other dimensions where different aspects of ourselves exist.

What I do is blend into a person and feel their medical condition.

So … let’s say it is you – and you’re reading this now – I would need to know your full name and your date of birth … I would then sit in a meditative state and travel to a particular dimension where I can see, feel and hear what is happening in your body from the past, present and future.

What that does for me is it gives me an insight into what is really going on for you and I can drill down into that and find:

  • the root cause of what is creating your illness;
  • the thing that is not allowing you to operate or live at your optimum health, and
    • this can be physical illness,
    • it can be emotional blockages … or
    • it can even be spiritual in nature.


What does a medical intuitive do?

So, basically … a medical intuitive sees inside of people’s bodies and that allows them to help undo the blockages and heal the physical body. Now, as a medical intuitive, what I’ve done is create some amazing templates that are duplicable by anyone who wants to use them (these are available as part of my Medical Intuition Academy). This self healing is available to anyone.

Initially, these templates would occur as a spontaneous template for a particular client and as time went on – I would wonder “What if I did that process for this other client – would I get the same result? … and yes, absolutely – the results were similar … giving me the evidence that the templates can be repeated time and time again with different people!

Some of them though are unique for a particular client, but most of them are duplicable. And … it’s really amazing when you can use your mind and the faculty of memory … although you are using your memory in another way — to facilitate change in a human body or animal.


The Magic of Energy Healing

If you can think something and put your hand on someone’s body and their eyes go really wide and they say – “What are you doing to me?” … then the vision you are seeing is directly impacting on the person you are touching.

Now getting these results wasn’t enough for me – I wanted to know if I connected into somebody on the other side of the world and use the same faculty – could I affect their physical body, too. And … yes, I absolutely could – and the extraordinary thing about this is – when you go into these other dimensions that I speak of … time and distance doesn’t exist. Everything is as it is!

It doesn’t matter if the person is sitting in front of you or is on the other side of the world – in these realms of energy healing vibration – it doesn’t matter – because it is the same place regardless of physical distance from you – the medical intuitive / energy healer.


Communicating Via Images

During the course of my medical intuitive career, I have developed my own unique way of doing energy healing. And what I mean by this is where I put my hands on a person or where I allow my mind to touch their mind and create a healing result.

What I have discovered is that the body actually responds to images and have concluded that the language of the body is communicated via images rather than words. So… if you relate to someone’s body with an image, that body will receive the communication and it will have an impact on them.

When I do hands on healing work, I put my hands on the body, front and back, so that the body part is in between my hands. This almost feels like a microwave situation where energy vibration is coming out of my hands. Mysteriously, whatever is happening in the middle is being transformed by this energy.

Energy healing is really just vibration and the key is being able to tune into that frequency.

So… just as we have our radio stations all around the world. They send out a frequency… and we have a radio and turn the dial. You’ll hear a whole bunch of static and then suddenly you hear someone’s voice.

And… WOW!!!… You’ve tuned into that person who is maybe 1000 miles away and you can hear their voice! The voice has come across the radio waves.


Energy healing is like that!

If you learn how to tune into another person’s energy and you transmit a vibration particularly for that person, their body will receive it. And… that’s how spiritual healers, energy healers, vibrational healers create such amazing results.

We’re all working with vibration… and its something that we can’t see with our eyes and it is something we can’t hear… but the body resonates with it… just like the radio picks up the radio transmission. 

From Australia, I have been able to work with people all around the world and they’ve had amazing results… and it’s because I’ve practised and I’ve practised on how to link to somebody else’s energy and create a tangible result.

Mostly I do this with visualization. Other people may do energy healing in a different way… but for me… all of my energy healing involves visualization and a way of connecting in with that person.


Why Is Energy Healing Important?

Let’s start by looking at the word disease. When you break it down it literally means dis – ease. Your body is not at ease with itself. Something is out of balance.

Sure, some illnesses are caused by something that has physically harmed us, but often they seem to come out of nowhere.

Science has now come to recognise what many of us already believe – our thoughts and emotions have an impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Spiritual healing is on the increase as more and more people are embracing “alternative” healing to mainstream Western medicine. One reason for this is that Western medicine excels at treating symptoms, but does not address the cause of the ailment.

It has also, very unfortunately, become big business.

When our energy is in motion and we are healthy, this energy flow allows us to deal with life’s challenges and changes.

If an emotion becomes ‘trapped’ in our body because we refuse to deal with it, it can block our energy flow and manifest as an illness. This is our body’s way of saying ‘You need to deal with this!’.


So why do we ignore our emotions?

Often dealing with issues is painful and as humans we try to avoid pain. Why would we want to deliberately hurt ourselves!

This ignorance can also occur subconsciously because of a trauma that has occurred. If this happens, the body will go into shock and block out that emotion as a protection mechanism.

People can disguise this suppression of emotion many ways, including:

• Over eating
• Over exercising
• Excessively reading or watching television
• Working longer hours at work

Or really just any other activity that doesn’t let you think about that emotion.

Dr. Maurice Elias says, “Emotions are human beings’ warning systems as to what is really going on around them. Emotions are our most reliable indicators of how things are going on in our lives. Emotions help keep us on the right track by making sure that we are led by more than the mental/ intellectual faculties of thought, perception, reason, memory.”

This is a great way of thinking about it.


The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

The mind/body/spirit connection operates on the principle that everything is energy, and various types or qualities of energy have the ability to positively or negatively affect the surrounding energy.

A patient’s state of mind can be the difference between healing and a long, drawn-out illness. The state of the body likewise influences the patient’s emotional state; so gaining mastery of the mind and using the power of positive thinking is essential to healing.

If we continue to suppress an emotion after a trauma has passed, this can make us sick. Our body begins to commit enormous amounts of energy into suppressing this emotion, diverting energy from where it is otherwise needed.

Think about it, if there is a problem weighing on your mind it can make you tired and lethargic. Now, imagine this on a bigger scale!


Protecting Your Energy

If you do energy healing of others (which you can learn through my Medical Intuition Academy), the only caveat I have is this – please protect your energy and protect the energy of the person you are working with… with a prayer of protection.

The one that I use is:

“In the name of Jesus Christ
I call upon the Spirits of Light
To stand guard at the doorway of my soul
And to guide me in the ways of truth, love and light
And to protect me from the forces of Darkness and Deception

I have used this for 32 years. It’s not my prayer of protection. I learned this from a Reverend of a Spiritualist Church in Brisbane. Her name is Marilyn O’Sullivan and I’m forever grateful to her. I’ve used this prayer daily at times… and it has served me very well.

You don’t need to use that prayer. So long as when you do your energy healing work – you do it in God’s name; in the Divine Stream; within God’s protection – and you will be energetically safe and your client will be energetically safe.


Clearing the Energy Ties

When you are finished doing energy healing, it is a really good idea to cut that energy tie. Mostly, I run my hands under running water and I imagine that the ties are being cut as the water runs over my hands.

If you don’t cut the ties and you do healing regularly, what will happen is there will be a build up of residue of working with other people’s energy and you will notice you will become ill yourself.

How do I know this? Because at times I didn’t follow my own advice and I became ill – just as I have observed other healers suffering this complication of energy work.

I know 100% that by clearing your energy on a daily basis… you will not only clear your energy from your clients, but you will clear your energy from anyone who thinks of you or interacts with you or has come into your auric sphere on a daily basis.

My free Regeneration Meditation on the Insight Timer App is excellent for clearing your energy daily and it helps you have a deep rejuvenating sleep.

Whether you use my meditation or another method, clearing your energy allows you to sleep well and truly heal and regenerate as your body is meant to during the time that your mind has gone elsewhere.


Spiritual Healing Goes Deeper

The success of healing via spiritual means relies on the patient’s belief that we are part of the Divine, not at all separate, but part of the vast ocean of energy that created everything, and IS everything.

The patient is taught to look within for the source of his or her illness, disease or injury rather than attributing it to external causes.

Firstly, when teaching healing to the patient it is important to change his or her false belief of separateness from the Universal Divine Consciousness. Each of us has the same Divine ability as the Universal Consciousness to create anything, including perfect health.

This One-ness with all that is results in a spiritual awakening, which is often accompanied by spontaneous healing.


Perfect Health

The aim is to create perfect health through One-ness and acceptance of our Divine nature.

Spiritual healing does not rely on a “higher power” to heal. It is One-ness with that energy of Divine Universal Consciousness that gives us the same powers – except we are, for the most part, blind to that ability or refuse to believe it.

Here is an exercise for you to try at home

Imagine yourself as a single drop in an endless ocean that has no beginning, no end, no surface, no bottom…
• Where do “you” begin and where do “you” end?
• Where does the “rest of the ocean” begin?
• How do you separate one drop from the rest of the water?

Contemplating this helps you understand your One-ness, and the fact that you have the same power as the ocean itself.

YOU have the power to heal. Sometimes objects can help with our healing, and crystals are one of the things I recommend and use regularly.


Energy Healing and Crystals

Crystals have been used for a variety of purposes for thousands of years and over the last 30 years or so people have been using them for healing purposes. My first introduction to the power of crystals was at a crystal workshop where I learned:

• how you can use crystals to transform the energy in an area that you live or work in
• that you can pattern crystals with a particular vibration
• the method for clearing crystals
• when to use what crystals … and
• where not to use your crystals

This totally fascinated me and captured my attention … so after the workshop, I started an experiment. And this is something that I strongly encourage you to do as well. Experiment with anything that I share with you. Turn it into something that you own and can really relate to.

What I discovered was that it really is true … different crystals have different vibrations and they create different results. One of the crystals that I really love working with is the amethyst crystal.

Maybe it is the purple and the violet that enhances spiritual development. Interestingly, I found that when I held an amethyst crystal in my hand, I was able to go to realms that I hadn’t even conceived of before. I explored deep into my own psyche … and I encourage you to explore your spiritual well being with the help of this crystal.


Amethyst Crystal Purifies Water

I also found that by putting an amethyst crystal in the water jug … rather than purifying our water through a water purification process – the amethyst crystal purified our water.

An alchemical process occurred where all the chlorine and the flavour that comes from non-purified tap water (which can be quite unpleasant) … was removed from the water and it was delicious to drink.

We’ve purified our water this way for some 25 years.


Patterning Crystals

Now, one of the things that I experimented with – and this is something that you can do as well – was to hold a crystal in my hand and imagine that the absolutely perfect vibration for the owner of the crystal would descend from the heavens through my physical body and vibrationally empower the crystal so that the owner of the crystal would feel the effects of that vibration.

Interestingly, one of my clients existed in a place where panic and overwhelm was just on the periphery of her existence and she felt that it would encroach on her and she would feel unsafe and unprotected at times.

I used a raw pink quartz crystal and vibrationally energised the crystal with safety, protection and love … an overwhelming love … like when you connect into the Divine Stream – and you feel that overwhelming love of God. I connected into that vibration while I held the crystals.

So, I patterned 2 crystals for her … she put one in her house and one in her handbag so that she would feel safe and protected.

She could feel that vibration as soon as she walked in her front door. And if her handbag wasn’t close to her when she was out – she would feel the separation from that protection energy.


Empowered Crystal Changed A Life

So what does this mean? Vibrationally empowering a crystal that you love and having it close by will make a tremendous difference in you and the way you feel. Try it, today.

Now … there was another lady whom I had advised that she needed to go and see her doctor about her bowels. She said, “Julie, I don’t have a problem with my bowels.” I said to her that I was feeling very strongly that this was something that she needed to do.

She said, “No … I don’t need to do that, but I will get you to pattern a crystal for me.” So, she sent the crystal from the other side of the country and I held the crystal and I put the pattern into it and posted it back to her.

As soon as she opened the packet and held her crystal, she felt an overwhelming compulsion to ring her doctor and make an appointment to have her bowel checked. She was blown away by this result.

Although, I hadn’t put a conscious vibration in her crystal inspiring her to do this … she received the vibration that intuitively came through for her and it turned out that she had rectal cancer. If she hadn’t gone to the doctor when she did – there wouldn’t have been much that they could do for her and, consequently, she was able to have surgery and live a longer life.

So, this is the power of these amazing transmitting devices. And … if you can experiment and tune into using crystals and become sensitive to them, you will absolutely love the results you get, too.


DON’T Sleep With Crystals In Your Room

Now, I really need to say – don’t sleep with a whole bunch of crystals in your bedroom. There is something that we call crystal chatter and they will affect the quality of your sleep.

Some people have said that their crystals kept them awake at night. And that they had powerful, disturbing dreams that disrupted their sleep … or they found that their body, mind and soul was not being allowed to rest.

Be warned: this is the power of crystals.

So, if you do have crystals in your bedroom and you are having a disturbed sleep … try taking them out, clearing the energy and popping them in another part of your house. You’ll be surprised at the difference this will make to your sleep.


A Small Insight

I hope this article has given you a brief introduction into the world of medical intuition and energy healing. There are so many different elements to it, I could talk all day! This article is the first in a series of articles designed to give you an insight into how you can help yourself live a happier, healthier and fulfilled life. Keep an eye out for more articles on my website www.julielewin.com


Julie LewinJulie Lewin – a world renowned Medical Intuitive started her journey in the art of intuition in 1984. She appeared in four episodes of the TV show “The Extraordinary” in 1994/96 which was syndicated to 22 countries.  She’s a published author, co-author of which 2 x Amazon #1 Bestseller and has a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science. Julie won the Our Internet Secrets Business Builder Award 2013, founded a charity in 2004, is a global & multi-language meditation teacher on Insight Timer, Brainwaves, NOW & OliOli apps and runs transformational 1:1 retreats