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Grief is the response to a loss, physical or emotional, that we feel. It is our body’s way of recognising that something has been taken from us or that something is missing.

For me, my experience with grief is through the loss of my mum.

My mum has lived in the same town as me for the last 6 years and my husband and I have been her primary carers. Mum and I have seen each other almost every day, or talked on the phone. She was one of my biggest supporters from the very beginning, never doubting my abilities even when others did.

After she passed, I went through waves – waves of being ok and waves of really not being ok. Every day is different and I am learning to just ride the waves.

According to Beyond Blue…Grief has no set pattern. Everyone experiences grief differently. Some people may grieve for weeks and months, while others may describe their grief lasting for years.

This is definitely true for me. I believe no two people experience grief the same way.

I wrote a piece on grief and how it has affected me, and wanted to share.


Grief is physical. It is real. And it can be tough to navigate.

I am recognising the signs and symptoms of grief.

They come seemingly out of the blue and without a trigger.

BAM!!! Cut off at the knees again.

I rarely cry outwardly except maybe when I’m watching videos on YouTube.

In saying that … grief feels like I have cried days of tears endlessly when not a tear has been shed on the outside.

It feels like an elephant is sitting in my head and the weight and pressure of functioning can feel too much.

The feeling of not being *rsed to do anything is profoundly hard to overcome.

The body is heavy.

The mind is numb.

There is no room or capacity for another or others.

Grief knows no boundaries.

Grief is when you learn about your boundaries.

Grief is when you step up and say no when you don’t have capacity.

Grief is when you don’t push through because you and others have expectations of you.

Grief is not being sad.

Grief is not depression.

Grief is in a league of its own.

And … in saying that … grief is unique to the individual.

Grief does not need to be fixed!

Grief is a process to be traversed.

Grief requires space.

There is Grace in grief.

Grief does not = there is something wrong with you.

Grief cycles and has its own rhythm.

It’s amazing how one day feels so different to the day before.

I am okay … I am on the other side of this cycle.

I am grateful for this profound experience of grief.

Today I am excited for the future. I won’t always feel this excitement, but I can remember it on the days I don’t feel it.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.


End notes:

If you know someone who is experiencing grief, it is important to honour this and ask them how they are feeling and if you can help.

If you or someone you know are struggling with grief, there are many resources online to help with grief. The Australia Centre for Grief and Bereavement lists many services available.

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