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Can stones or crystals heal?

Crystal healing is an alternative healing technique that involves placing specific stones or crystals on different parts of the body, usually corresponding to the chakras. Practitioners place crystals on the chakras that correspond with the color associated with each chakra, in an attempt to restore free energy flow through that chakra – or open the chakra and balance the entire system.

Crystal healing is nothing new.

Healing traditions from all over the world have used crystals – among them, the Hopis of the Arizona desert (quartz); the Egyptians (jade); the Chinese (jade and emerald). However, modern medicine doesn’t share the ancient beliefs in the power of healing stones or crystals.

The use of healing stones or crystals is considered pseudoscience by many modern doctors and scientists. Their benefits have usually been attributed to the placebo effect.

Medical and Scientific Beliefs

Even so, medical practitioners and scientists alike all agree that a patient’s mental and emotional state greatly influences the healing process, or lack of healing. In essence, what does it matter if a person believes that he or she will be healed with a stone, or a pill, surgery or energy healing?

As long as the patient believes in the healing modality used, and is agreeable to being cured (this is important!), then healing will occur because the power of the mind is an equal player in healing. If a patient chooses to be healed with crystals or stones, and believes in their ability to do so, the treatment will be successful. If a patient puts up a mental/energetic block against a type of healing or even against being healed at all (this is often subconscious), treatment will not work.

Energetic Qualities of Healing Stones or Crystals

What about the energetic qualities of healing stones or crystals – how are they different from any other rock found on the ground? Let’s focus on the most powerful healing crystal of all – quartz.

Quartz crystals are very commonly used as healing stones. It’s not surprising since quartz is the most common mineral found on Earth. Quartz absorbs, focuses, stores, amplifies, transmits and balances energy. Prized as a gemstone, this amazing mineral is used in quartz clocks and watches as well as other electrical appliances. So if it can be used for energetic uses in mechanics, why not the body?

After all, energy is energy…

When placed on the body’s chakras – or any afflicted area – quartz can be used to absorb negative energy, and to transmit positive, healing energy. It is often used in spiritual healing to purify a person on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical planes.

Quartz has been called a “Master Healer” stone because of its ability to amplify healing energy and to strengthen the body. Although it is most commonly associated with the crown chakra, it can be used to balance and energize all chakras. This amazing mineral comes in a huge variety of colors and compositions.

Some believe that because it is the most common mineral on Earth, it helps transmit the electromagnetic “pulse” of the Earth through someone whose own rhythm has been disrupted or polluted.

Healers prize the “programmable” quality of quartz – that is, its ability to absorb and transmit healing energy. The stone’s ability to balance and harmonize the energies of the patient and to transmit healing energy to the patient with the patient’s agreement, results in healing.