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I had an enquiry from someone in the US … who has had thyroid cancer surgery (like I did) – and I wanted to reach out and have a chat because I feel it is important to support people who are experiencing something that you have gone through.

And now after we’ve had a chat where I shared my journey – I realise how much I have changed since my thyroid cancer surgery 12 years ago.

This is the crux of it …

1.  Speak your hidden agendas

This was hugely scary for me – because I didn’t want to say it and “hurt” other people’s feelings. When I did, a huge load lifted from my whole being not just my shoulders.

2.  Be understanding of self when you are having a CRAP day – and there are going to be those.

3.  Do 60% of what you think you can do

One of my mentors said to me – estimate how much you can do in a week realistically – then do 60% of that realistic figure – and you’ll be able to manage your time and energy and health.

I took that on board and am living a balanced life now.

Living a balanced, healthy life – means that the tumours and cysts I was growing in various parts of my body – have stopped growing!!!! Wooottt!!!

I work when I have the energy … and I rest when I don’t.

4.  Operate in the inner fun factory

I have opened the lid on my inner fun factory … this has been the most amazing shift in my life.

I didn’t know how to have fun – it was as if I was on the outside looking in. 52 years of looking into the fun factory is a long time …

Let me say the joy of being inside that place and participating is the most profound healing I’ve ever experienced.

When I have a CRAP day – its because I have consciously eaten something, or consciously over-extended my energy – and was willing to pay the price … and willing to take the time to recover.

5.  Guilt Free NO!

And … the most liberating thing of all … is to be able to say NO without feeling guilty.

If you made it down to here … thank you for joining me on reflecting on what I have learned in the last 12 years and how I have created an awesome, inspired, healthy life ♥ ♥ ♥

You can discover the lessons you’ve learned by sharing what you’ve been through … and highlight how you got through it.  It will reveal your resilience, your strength – and what to call upon when you are faced with another opportunity to dig deep into your reserves.

I’ve also learned that people are inspired by your journey rather than the outcome.