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In today’s fast-paced world, we often look outside ourselves for ways to improve our well-being. We seek therapy, read self-help books, and try various external solutions. While these can be helpful, there’s something truly powerful about insourcing healing – turning inward to find the answers and resources we need.

What is Insourcing Healing?

Insourcing healing is all about looking within to discover the wisdom and resilience that already exists inside us. Instead of relying solely on external fixes, insourcing invites us to explore our internal resources for a more holistic and lasting healing journey. It’s about recognizing that the keys to our well-being are often within reach inside of ourselves, waiting for us to uncover and nurture them. 

If we know what signs and signals our body is giving us, we can develop our own language for interpreting what is going on. We can find the answers within us, instead of asking someone else to give us answers and seeking external validation. We can also find solutions inside of us too. 

That’s not to say that we don’t seek expert guidance, because that’s important too, but as I discussed with Dr Vishal Rao (an oncologist) on a recent podcast about radical healing, the external guidance or intervention should account for 10% of your journey. 90% of the inner work is yours to explore.

This can include:

  • finding where you have energy blocks within your body and clearing them (as a result of trauma or emotional damage in the past)
  • unpacking your patterns of behaviour that cause hurt and pain
  • learning your emotional triggers and disarming them
  • finding the things in your life that cause internal tension and put stress on your body and making changes where possible
  • Creating new habits if the ones you have are actually hurting you
  • finding your part within any relationship breakdowns or drama and forgiving yourself
  • making different choices
  • examining past traumas (ideally within a facilitated environment with a therapist or counsellor, so you don’t re-traumatise yourself)

Transform Your Perspectives

When we embrace insourcing healing, we start to see challenges and setbacks in a new light. Rather than viewing them as roadblocks, we see them as opportunities for growth and self-discovery. They provide the signposts for us to see where it’s time to look next. It can be a signal that we are ready to look at that part of ourselves that was happy to remain hidden. This shift in perspective empowers us to face life’s ups and downs with a newfound resilience and openness.

During my recovery after cancer surgery in 2000, I was gifted a copy of The Camino by Shirley MacLaine. I was completely inspired to recover and make the journey across the Camino when I healed. I started training for the great walk and injured my left knee – I tore the meniscus and the surgeon said, you won’t be walking across Spain without surgery.

I had made a commitment to myself after the last surgery in 2002, no more surgery!!! So I was not keen to have knee surgery and consequently we didn’t walk the Camino. BUT… the positive outcome from this “roadblock” is that every time I make a decision that isn’t taking me in the right direction, my left knee swells and sometimes I can’t even walk. The amazing thing is that when I revoke the decision I made, the swelling goes down, the pain leaves and I can walk normally.

Embrace Self-Compassion

A core aspect of insourcing healing is learning to be kinder to ourselves. It’s about treating ourselves with the same compassion and understanding that we would offer to a friend in need. This shift in self-perception helps us build a more supportive and nurturing relationship with ourselves, which is essential for long-term well-being.

The thing that I have found the most helpful in this regard is remembering that every day is a new day. And some days are better than other days. If I am having a challenging day with my health and wellbeing – I now know to ask if this pain, or emotion, or funky feeling even belongs to me. Because sometimes it doesn’t, so I bless it and return to sender. It’s amazing how this can help improve the sense of wellbeing. 

It is being kind to yourself. Some days you are being reminded that you need to rest, that you have to embrace balance in your life. Every day can’t be full and busy and hectic, without something having to give. Sometimes that is your body and your health. 

Stress takes it’s toll and we have to pay it, one way or another. We can pay up front by choosing to balance out our schedule or putting our body back into homeostasis, or we can pay after when our body puts us down for a break.

Use Mindfulness as a Gateway

Practicing mindfulness can be a powerful way to start your insourcing healing journey. Whether through meditation, deep breathing, or simply being more aware of your thoughts and feelings, mindfulness helps you connect more deeply with yourself. This awareness can guide you on your healing journey, helping you understand your needs and how to meet them.

I have discovered that the key to mindfulness is to do something small consistently each day. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I asked for inner guidance on how to heal from this. My intuition was to meditate for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. Did I want to do this every day? No. Did I do it every day till I fully recovered? Yes.

Did funky health challenges come back when I stopped my mindfulness practices? Yes. So now it is part of my nightly routine.

The Empowerment of Choice

Insourcing healing reminds us that we have the power to choose how we respond to life’s challenges. It’s about recognizing that our circumstances don’t define us and that we can take proactive steps to improve our well-being. This sense of empowerment can lead to more intentional choices that align with our values and goals.

Instead of feeling stuck in a difficult situation, you might explore different options and choose a path that feels right for you, even if it’s challenging.

I have found that I get a more spacious feeling of choice when my stress levels are at their lowest. So I have developed a number of ways to keep my stress levels low. Check out our article of “The Stress Standoff: How to Kick Stress to the Curb and Return to Homeostasis”.

Personal Transformation

As you dive deeper into insourcing healing, you’ll likely experience personal transformation. This journey is unique to you, based on your strengths, weaknesses, and experiences. Through this transformation, you’ll discover new aspects of yourself and unlock your potential for healing and growth.

The more you insource your healing, the more confident you become and the more you understand that you are the one with the greatest influence on your health and wellbeing. The biggest discovery I have made in my healing journey is that the body can’t heal when it is in fight/flight response – the body heals when you are in the relaxation (homeostasis) response. So my primary focus each day is the ensure that my stress levels are low and I am in homeostasis.

The body KNOWS how to heal, our responsibility is to give it the correct environment for it to heal. Nobody else can do that for us – we have to do this.

How Has Insourcing Transformed My Well-being?

For me, insourcing healing has been a revelation. It’s allowed me to approach challenges with a newfound resilience, viewing them as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. Mindfulness practices have become daily anchors, providing solace and insight in the midst of life’s demands. Embracing self-compassion has been transformative, creating a foundation of inner strength and acceptance.

Insourcing healing is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being. It’s about tapping into your inner resources and using them to transform your life. As more people embrace this approach, we can shift the way we think about and cultivate well-being, creating a more compassionate and empowered world.

How has insourcing healing transformed your approach to well-being? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s continue this empowering conversation.

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