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 Mini JOY Break – Lift Your Spirits

During the winter of 2013, Assisi Chant photographer extraordinaire came to visit our home in Warwick, Queensland.  We were hoping for a frosty morning while she was there.

As synchronicity and serendipity would have it … the next morning Assisi awoke at first light to discover we had our first frost in 6 weeks. It was a magical playground for her to reveal the awesome mystery of light and ice on our flowers, weeds and outdoor furniture.

In this mini JOY break, you will see some of her exquisite photographs.

Assisi says, “When I photograph a person’s garden, I am photographing the essence of their soul and every photo shoot results in vastly different photos.”

WOW !!! I love my soul then.

The photographs of my garden, even the weeds, are beautiful … and you cannot help but have your spirits lifted as you watch the light dance through the lens of Assisi’s camera and capture special icicle moments in time.

Enjoy this mini JOY break.

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