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Living Your Dreams

In our quest for living our dreams, sometimes we are so caught up in what we think we want … we don’t see the plethora of opportunities that present to us every day.

When you release the strangle hold you have on HOW you will live your dreams and goals … the universe breathes a big sigh of relief because it can then weave the magical tapestry which brings all the threads together.

If you are inspired to take an action – and in your mind it doesn’t align with your dreams and goals … consider the strength of this attraction … and follow the rabbit hole if you have an inner knowing you NEED to do this.  Even though you may not UNDERSTAND why you have to do it.

You will find somewhere, sometime down the track of your life … the learnings and the skills you get from this rabbit hole are essential for you to actualise your dreams and goals in your future.

Seize your opportunities … carpe diem … seize the day!

[Photography and design: Julie Lewin]

JulieLewin-greyjacketJulie Lewin – a world renowned Medical Intuitive started her journey in the art of intuition in 1984. She appeared in four episodes of the TV show “The Extraordinary” which was syndicated to 22 countries.  She’s a published author, Amazon #1 Bestseller and has a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science. Julie won the Our Internet Secrets Business Builder Award 2013, has founded a charity, and teaches her healing modality.