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 Excellent health is the dream of everyone who has ever felt unwell.

It is a worthy dream and I can help you get your back your joy for life.

If healing your mind + body + spirit feels like an overwhelming task it is probably because no one has shown you specifically how to tap into your unique inner resources and manage your STRESS with courage.

Hi … I’m Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin, an Intuitive Coach and Mentor for people who intuitively know their emotions are a key factor in creating their current level of health. They also acknowledge they need help to transform their blocks.

Mentor is someone who has walked the path before you and shares their wisdom.

Since 1984, I’ve been facilitating life changes for 1000s of people around the world understand how they got to their current health, taught them to access their internal resources to self heal, dissolve inner conflict and find peace in their busy lives.

What would it mean to you to have a toolkit of healing resources to help you transform your mind + body + spirit?

Well, I know it would mean EVERYTHING to you!

How can a medical intuitive help me?


Your body holds vibrational messages about your past and what’s happening at the present.

These messages can be received by a medical intuitive, such as myself, to help identify energy blockages in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

When I scan you, I tune into your energy body and see, feel and hear in my body what is happening in your body.

The root cause of your discomfort or illness is trapped emotion. Together we work with the healing meditations I’ve developed over the last 30 years to release these blockages.

Begin the journey to balance your body yourself! This is a powerful life changing experience.

Julie! Thank you again so much for yesterday. I feel like I have a new lease on life because I have an example of someone who is sensitive and able to fully live their life on Earth. I cannot even begin to express how relieved I am that I don’t have to live in a cave surrounded by crystals simply because I am experiencing ascension! Phewwwwww.

Agatha Kulesza

United States

I was unwell for a long time. The main problem was IBS, migraines and low energy. I tried many healers and diets with limited success. Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin introduced me to dowsing which led to a major turn-around in my health. I’m now well most of the time, my digestion system is healing and I’m gradually able to eat more foods. I seldom get migraines and my energy levels are much higher. I don’t know how Julie works – it just works!

Di Jennings

New Zealand

My acne has cleared almost completely now! Thank you so much! The visualizations are wonderful, and knowing my food sensitivities was I think the key! I had no idea I was sensitive to avocados and I was eating them almost every day! Since I stopped things have improved dramatically! And yes I love the eclass! Wonderful things to be learning!

Holly Heilmann

United States

Thank you dearest Julie! What a session that was! I feel as if I have had an out of body experience. I am still tingling all over. I am filled with gratitude for our work together and look forward to an ongoing and continuously nourishing relationship. With love and thanks.

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Monique Nahon, Italy

Thank you for the healing session. Being a healer it is sometimes difficult to fully heal ourselves, we come so far but the breakthrough seems elusive. You were able to work with me exactly as I needed and guide me through the last obstacles to enable me to heal and reach my potential. I am so very grateful. Thank you so very much.

Karen O'Shea


I just had to drop you a note and say thank you. I just got up to move off the sofa where I had been sitting during our session – I was able to walk pain-free across the room for the first time in weeks.  For the first time in months I’m really excited about what happens next.

Robin Singleton


Julie is a true miracle healer… I have suffered for years from a bad neck due to what I thought was whip lash!!! So used to taking approximately 2 to 8 Panadol a day just to numb the pain that neither chiropractors nor physios could help! I can’t even explain what Julie  did but, what I can tell you is I have not needed pain killers for more than two weeks, as I have not had any issues with my neck! I feel so free now. I wake up every morning and the pain is just not there anymore!!

Kerry Fitzgibbon


My meeting with you was destined. I know and feel this because you were absolutely awesome!! Thank you so much for all the information and advice which I will definitely follow through. Having wonderful people like you in our midst is super fantastic and I know I am blessed by having had the opportunity of meeting you, and knowing that my daughter is in your vicinity of peace, tranquility, healing and love….spiritually!

Mallu Khan

South Africa

Thank you so very much for our session today. I feel simultaneously exhilarated and calm. When I was guided to you I was aware at some level that there were some deep issues waiting to be brought to light and I’m so very grateful for your compassionate guidance and support as we zero’d in and cleared those blocks away. I loved your process, you created such a safe space for me, I felt valued, acknowledged and ultimately renewed.

Cate Richards


Anthony William – Medical Medium

I get many calls from people who have read Anthony William, Medical Medium’s book. One of the things they say to me is how much his work has helped them by following his healing protocols and changing the way they eat.

I love to hear these validations for Anthony’s work. Many come to me when they realise there is something more that needs to be done. And that’s to work with their trapped emotions.

To heal is a multi-pronged journey. FOOD is absolutely important and Anthony does a great job with this. Managing your stress is also important. As is listening to your intuition and learning how to communicate with your energy body to create physical healing.

Also, it is good to work with a facilitator who can get under emotional blocks and release the “beaver dam” stopping your meridians from flowing freely throughout your body.

A common question is “Do you work long distance?”

YES, Absolutely.

In the book, “The Intention Experiment”, Lynne McTaggart says when scientist, Gary Schwartz was exploring healing “In some instances, healers sent healing from thousands of miles away and the effect did not decay with distance.” 

The conclusion about the source of distance healing … “It was likely to be closer to a quantum field, possibly more akin to light.”

I agree with this concept … not only about distance healing – but the ability to see inside the body and diagnose over great distances.

As seen on the TV Show “The Extraordinary”

The solution to your wellness is within you!

Let Medical Intuitive Julie help you find it with intuition and begin the journey to Regain your Health, Happiness and Vitality together.