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Meditation began as a spiritual practice where one strives to achieve enlightenment, inner peace and unity, however it is also a tremendously powerful form of self-discipline that results in absolute mastery of one’s mental, emotional and physical aspects.

Today, it is the perfect antidote to the frantic pace of life and its chronic stress and “busy-ness.” Mental mastery gives you the tools to determine your life experience and brings with it an incredible range of benefits.

As you master your thoughts and emotions, you can actually choose how to perceive a situation, how it will impact you, and how you will respond. As a result, life becomes easier. It’s stress-free, calm, emotionally stable, happy and deeply peaceful.


Creating my own

Over the years meditation has been part of my daily life, and I have even created some of my own. Some of them can be found on Insight Timer, where I am a teacher.


Below is a list of my free meditations.

Help Kids Sleep

Helps children relax and go to sleep. It has music, sound effects and beautiful guided visualisations. Kids love it & parents love it.

Regeneration – Deep Calming Sleep  

This is a guided meditation for cutting the ties from all connections leading you into the regeneration chamber. This one is perfect just before sleep.

Fight Infection Meditation

This can be used to protect yourself from infection or to assist your body fight infection. You can use it to program your immune system.

Release Your Blocks In Your Sacred Garden.

Travel through your sacred garden manifesting and transforming your life in the Divine domain. Be guided through a different experience each time you listen.

Chakra Magic Meditation.

Recalibrate your 7 master chakras. This guided visualisation gives you specific instructions designed to return you to flow intuitively and energetically.

Energy Sensitivity.

This guided visualisation is an adventure into cosmic awareness & energy sensitivity. Experience dissolving of your physical senses and energy expansion.

Dolphin Swim – Meet Your Inner Being.

Enjoy this relaxation into your inner being where you are the pure essence of you. The guided visualisation gives you specific instructions designed to reconnect you to the Divine Stream of Pure Love of You. There are sound effects which are relevant to the meditation and will deepen your experience of self-love and connection with the Divine.

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