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Protect Your Energy

Protect Your Energy

1. Close your energy circuits when vulnerable

There are two ways to do this:

(a) imagine you are holding a ball in your hands – wrap your fingers around it.

(b) place the tip of your tongue to the little dip behind your two front teeth before the roof of your mouth.

Both of these methods will close your energy circuits and stop your energy from being drained.  It is wise to do either of these techniques when you are thinking negative thoughts or thoughts that are troubling you.  Also do either of these techniques when you are in the company of someone who you know drains your energy.

You may have noticed public speakers or people being interviewed put their fingers together around an imaginary ball. They do this to protect their energy from the audience or the interviewer.

2. Cut the energy cords to all your bodies

You will find there are many ways of doing this.  Some people simply imagine cutting the cords that are connected to them.  Others have a particular ritual they do.  I personally believe we have 7 bodies – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, auric, energetic and etheric … so I cut the cords to each one of these bodies in a specific way.  I call this my rejuvenation meditation process.

You can purchase a digital version of Regeneration Meditation here for $1.79.  It is my favourite healing meditation and I do it regularly.  When I do this particular meditation, I wake up feeling refreshed and feel I have had a deep rejuvenating sleep.  Well worth trying.

3.  Use crystals to set up a grid in your home

If you like crystals you’ll enjoy the benefits of a crystal grid around your home with them. Place a pink quartz crystal in the 4 corners of your property.  You can do this inside or outside.  Each property is different, so experiment with the size of your crystal – and whether you use raw quartz crystals or polished crystals.

If you would like to have your crystals infused with healing vibration specifically aligned to you – you can send your crystals to me with a stamped self-addressed envelope and I will infuse them for you for free.  People who have done this in the past have felt safe, had health checks done which saved them from progressive illnesses and could feel the healing emanating from their crystals.

To have your crystals infused – please complete the opt-in box below to get all the details.

4.  Activate your prayer of protection

Do you have a prayer of protection already?  If so, remember to say it each morning or when you feel you need it.

If you don’t have a prayer of protection, this is the one I use and it was taught to me by Rev. Marilyn O’Sullivan in 1987:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I all upon the spirits of light
to stand guard at the doorway of my soul and guide me
in the ways of truth love and light and protect me
from the forces of darkness and deception. Amen”

I use my prayer of protection in lots of different ways – such as:

  • when I have any body work done eg., massage, spa treatments, all healing modalities
  • when I’m in a shopping centre or other large crowded area
  • working with my clients – I say it on behalf of me and my client

If you don’t have your own prayer of protection and mine doesn’t resonate with you, you could say the Lord’s Prayer.  This has a powerful protection vibration resonating through it.

5.  Meditate at least 15 minutes

There are many different ways to meditate and you will find a bunch of them on my Best Healing Meditations Online website.

Instead of telling you the different ways here, I want to share with you why I say meditate for 15 minutes each day.

In 1986, I had a new baby and a 2 year old. We moved to a new town with my husband’s work, so I had no friends, no family and a rocky marriage.  I struggled big time.  An angel by the name of Nancy took me to a Siddha meditation evening and introduced me to meditation.  It freaked me out and rocked my conventional world. I refused to go back.

However, Nancy persisted and asked me to meditate for 15 minutes each day at the same time if possible in the same place in the same room.  The intention being to grid this spot up for me to be able to drop into deeper meditation more easily.

Here’s the interesting thing.  I did as she asked most days and my husband could tell as soon as he walked through the front door, without me saying anything, whether I had an opportunity to meditate that day.  He could feel it in the air!

This 15 minutes meditation per day helped balance me and consequently the whole home.

Experiment with your 15 minute gift to self and see if it makes a difference in your world.

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