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Many people ask what they’re supposed to do when they meditate:

  • silence the mind, or
  • be aware of the thoughts
  • visualize an outcome, or
  • focus on an object?

The truth is, there is no right or wrong.

Sometimes, it feels right to have an empty mind; other times, you have questions or problems to deal with, so you need to focus your attention on them and then step back and allow answers to come.

And … meditation might begin with you intending to do one particular thing, and it evolves into something completely different – something that is just right for that moment. Let your intuition be your guide.

Listening To Your Intuitive Guidance

One way to learn to listen to your intuitive guidance and meditate in the way that is most helpful to you at the moment, is to begin your meditation by consciously radiating love to everyone.

This amazing technique will transform you!

You can visualize a person, or just name them silently, and radiate positive, loving feelings toward them. Send them love, thanks, blessings, happiness, prosperity – all the good intentions. The important thing is to do this with EVERYONE you know… not just the ones you love.

  • Send love to people you’re having conflicts with, people you’re angry or annoyed with, and especially people you hate or have any ill feelings toward
  • Send love to people you haven’t even met, but would like to meet (especially effective if you’re single and you’re looking for the ideal partner)
  • Send love to people you have frequent interaction with but barely notice, such as the checkout clerk at the convenience store or the people at the gym you see on your way to aerobics class
  • Send love to your employer, employees, clients, friends, casual acquaintances, fellow commuters, prospective employers or customers, your auto mechanic, president, doctor, etc. etc. etc. and yes, even (especially) your mother-in-law 🙂

Do this in a stream-of-consciousness way.

Allow people to pop into your awareness, and send them love.

You’ll Be Fascinated By What Happens

As you do this, you’ll spontaneously come up with names of people you hadn’t thought of in years.

This is important … energetically, these people need your love, at this moment – or they wouldn’t have come into your awareness.

Send more love. More and more.

The more you do this, the more you feel that loving energy coming back to you, permeating every cell in your body, every energetic quark of you…

Don’t Limit Your Love

And don’t put a time limit on this. There IS no time when you meditate anyway, so if it feels good to keep going, by all means, keep going! You have the potential to raise the energetic vibration of so many people by doing this! Your connection to everyone and everything will strengthen.

We all desire this one-ness, whether we’re aware of this need or not…

Be A Source Of Pure Love

When you’re at this ‘place’ of being a source of pure, loving energy, you can decide where you want to take your meditation. Now that you’re in that loving place, answers come easily to any problems or questions you have. If you desire something, or some better situation in your life, ask from this place of love and light. Feel that your desire is in alignment with your loving, energetic self.

From this place of love and light, you can dare to dream big, imagine the best…

And of course, meditation is all about simply ‘being’ – so if you want to just be in that loving energy, do it!

You don’t need to ‘do’ anything. Be a human being, not a human doing.

  • Drop the agendas and to-do lists.
  • Don’t stop sending out love just because you feel you should accomplish something in your meditation session.
  • Let that feeling go right away!
  • Do what feels right, not what you tell yourself is right.
  • If you want to do nothing but send love for 15 minutes or 15 hours, then do it.

Starting Your meditation

When you start your meditation with the intention of radiating love, you are creating an indescribably wonderful, powerful way of opening yourself to the blessings that you may unconsciously be blocking!

Sending out loving energy with honesty and purity – especially to people who have hurt you – liberates you from that energetic burden. This lightness of being is accompanied by deep inner peace and happiness.

Send love.

Send more love… and the love, abundance and wonderful things and experiences you want, will come right back at you.

Try this, the next time you meditate. You will love the results!