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Julie Lewin, in demand Medical Intuitive, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Mentor and Spiritual Teacher

You are here because you WANT to feel better. True? You CAN feel better than you do right now. Healing happens on different levels – spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

Self-healing is the most potent form of healing, as you are the one with the power.

Are you willing to explore the journey of self-healing? YES … then you are in the right place. I can facilitate that with you.

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How can medical intuition help me?

Your body holds vibrational messages about your past and what’s happening at the present.

These messages can be received by a medical intuitive, such as myself, to help identify energy blockages in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

When I scan you, I tune into your energy body and see, feel and hear in my body what is happening in your body.

The root cause of your discomfort or illness is trapped emotion. Together we work with the healing templates I’ve developed over the last 30 years to release these blockages.

Begin the journey to balance your body yourself!  This is a powerful life changing experience.

Give me a call – +61 (0) 421 542 436 – ask any questions you want about how I work – or opt-in below & I’ll email you.

If we are meant to work together it will feel good to get started on your self-healing adventure.

A common question is Do you work long distance?”

YES, Absolutely.

In the book, “The Intention Experiment”, Lynne McTaggart says when scientist, Gary Schwartz was exploring healing “In some instances, healers sent healing from thousands of miles away and the effect did not decay with distance.” 

The conclusion about the source of distance healing … “It was likely to be closer to a quantum field, possibly more akin to light.”

I agree with this concept … not only about distance healing – but the ability to see inside the body and diagnose over great distances.

Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin

Hi, I’m Julie Lewin and like you I’ve experienced health and wellness challenges. And I was determined to overcome them. 

When this journey of medical intuition began in October 1984, I unconsciously declared a limiting belief … “I have to overcome cancer to be recognised as an authentic healer.” 

Be careful what you think about – you may manifest it. In May 2000, I was diagnosed with cancer. In May 2012, the cancer returned. In May 2015, I was discharged from the cancer clinic with the best bloods in 15 years and my thyroid medication reduced.

Self-healing templates developed over the past 30 years are the reason I am alive today to teach you how to activate your inner healing resources.

What would it mean to you to have a toolkit of healing resources to help you transform your mind | body | spirit?

Well, I know it would mean EVERYTHING to you!

Dearest Julie, I just wanted to write and thank you so very much for our session today. I feel simultaneously exhilarated and calm (if that is possible). When I was guided to you I was aware at some level that there were some deep issues waiting to be brought to light and I’m so very grateful for your compassionate guidance and support as we zero’d in and cleared those blocks away. I loved your process, you created such a safe space for me, I felt valued, acknowledged and ultimately renewed. Julie, thank you for having the courage to use your gifts, our world is such a richer place for you being in it.

Cate Richards, Sydney, Australia

I was unwell for a long time. The main problem was irritable bowel syndrome, frequent migraines and low energy. I have tried many healers and diets over the years with limited success. At times I have despaired, but was determined to find a way to be well. Eventually my search led me to Julie Lewin who introduced me to dowsing. This has led to a major turn-around in my health and wellbeing. I am now well most of the time, my digestion system feels like it is healing and I am gradually able to eat more foods. I seldom get migraines and my energy levels are much higher. I don’t know how Julie works – it just works!

Di Jennings, New Zealand

The solution to your wellness is within you!

Let me help you find it with intuition and begin the journey to Regain your Health, Happiness and Vitality together

You have given me HOPE which is an incredible gift and has lifted me from such a dark place to a place that seems more manageable – thankyou!

Paula Tait, Brisbane, Australia

Julie is genuine – she has a real gift and she will have some insight or answer for the burden you are struggling with. I know this to be true!

S.W., Australia

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