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Love Notes From
Happy Medical Intuitive Clients

Click here to read Lorraine’s beautiful card.  She saw the Virgin Mary when looking at the website.

Kay Cottee write’s about her experience with Julie Lewin in her book, “All At Sea On Land”. Click here to read what she says.

Thank you dearest Julie! What a session that was! I feel as if I have had an out of body experience. I am still tingling all over. I am filled with gratitude for our work together and look forward to an ongoing and continuously nourishing relationship. With love and thanks.

Monique Nahon, Italy

I am doing really well thanks – the meditations helped so much and I really did make a good, quick recovery.  I can’t thank you enough for all your help.

Trish McDermott, Western Australia

Thank you for the healing session. Being a healer it is sometimes difficult to fully heal ourselves, we come so far but the breakthrough seems elusive. You were able to work with me exactly as I needed and guide me through the last obstacles to enable me to heal and reach my potential. I am so very grateful. Thank you so very much.

Karen O’Shea, Brisbane, Australia

It’s been about 10 days since I had the session with you. Even though I still have things to work on I feel that since seeing you I have really turned a corner and I would say it is the best I have felt in over 4 months. I have been working on all levels. I have re-listened to our session which was really helpful to review over the last week. I continue to do the energy healing with the imprinted paper too. Much gratitude!

Julie Maia, Byron Bay, Australia

I have received the downloads that you sent – thank you so much!!!!!!!   There weren’t any real surprises with the food chart (just sad to be saying goodbye to coffee – but I’ll get over it).

I have done a search re hypoglycaemia so that I can better understand it and make the necessary lifestyle and nutritional changes – I can’t believe how many of the ‘symptoms’ I have had for so long!

I really believe that you have literally saved my life!!!!!  

PS … [24 hours later] My intuition and spiritual connections have opened up and it’s full steam ahead. The change in me is so amazing!!!

Sandi-Leigh Bell, New South Wales, Australia

When my sister introduced me to the idea of talking to Julie and looking at her website I was sceptical. I am a teacher, stressed out by a papertrail of new work with the Australian Curriculum and also for years suffering from intolerances and allergies, following the trail of well one day, not the next. But, hey! What did I have to lose so I downloaded her sleep meditation.

Somehow I connected with her voice, it was divine and for the first time felt at peace with nothing else zipping in and out of my mind.  I was surprised and  thought wow I need more of this as I do yoga but cannot manage to ever keep my mind still.

I also talked to Julie and is she spot on!  She diagnosed accurately what was going on. I look forward to feeling well totally again. Thanks Julie! Have a go!

Judy Radke, Australia

Julie is a very talented and intuitive healer. I was looking for some assistance in dealing with some repressed emotional issues and some insight into my illness. In our first session she was able to identify several symptoms of my illness and gave me some effective techniques to deal with them. Our second session dealt with the emotional blockages within the body. I found this work very profound and I felt that I cleared in one session what would have taken months or more using other healing approaches. Thanks Julie!

KZ, Australia

My acne has cleared almost completely now!  Thank you so much! The visualizations are wonderful, and knowing my food sensitivities was I think the key!  I had no idea I was sensitive to avocados and I was eating them almost every day!  Since I stopped things have improved dramatically!  And yes I love the eclass! Wonderful things to be learning!

I am going to give my sister your information and hopefully you will hear from her soon!  I am recommending your services to everyone! Thank you!

Holly Heilmann, Maryland, USA

My meeting with you was destined. I know and feel this because you were absolutely awesome!!

Thank you so much for all the information and advice which I will definitely follow through. Having wonderful people like you in our midst is super fantastic and I know I am blessed by having had the opportunity of meeting you, and knowing that my daughter is in your vicinity of peace, tranquility, healing and love….spiritually!

Mallu Khan, South Africa

It was enlightening, and now having the knowledge of how to help myself I can get better and improve in all areas of life. I didn’t realise my doubt was so strong, that explains why people who doubt used to bug me :-).

I have tried so much and so hard to get better, but knew there was something else I had to do. Thank you so much Julie, I can’t wait to start on the meditations.

Susan Greenwood, Brisbane, Australia

Julie is a true miracle healer.. thank you so much Julie… I just had to share this with everyone as I have suffered for years from a bad neck due to what I thought was whip lash!!! So used to taking approximately 2 to 8 Panadol a day just to numb the pain that neither chiropractors nor physios could help!

Along comes my little miracle aka Julie Lewin. I can’t even explain what she did but, what I can tell you is I have not needed pain killers for more than two weeks, as I have not had any issues with my neck! After suffering for so long with what I had come to accept was “my lot” I feel so free now.. I wake up every morning and the pain is just not there anymore!!

Julie you are truly amazing thank you so much I don’t think I can ever repay the freedom you have given me.

Kerry Fitzgibbon, Social Media and Online Marketing Consultant, Australia

When Julie said “Give me a call, I can fix that in 5 minutes I’ve got to admit I was skeptical. But Julie had already told me what she thought was the cause, which all made sense & I thought why not!  I’ve never had problems with my back before, so was quite surprised at a pain in my lower back, with no memory of anything that may have caused it.

During the day it got increasingly worse and the following day it was quite painful to walk or drive. As sitting was ok, I decided not to go into the office & to work from home. Over a Skype chat with Julie, I mentioned I was working from home & the reason why.

A couple of questions from Julie and a 5 minute phone call (over Skype) later & WOW. The pain is totally gone & only just a memory, I am going into work today & even better … the night out dancing that I have planned tonight, the first in a very long time, is back on.

Kim Atkins, JP (Qual), Gold Coast, Australia

Thanks Julie!  Had a great experience and shared with my hubbie tonight and he was amazed as well.  It is good to do the right thing by yourself and find someone to help.

Charlotte Brett, Mt Isa, Australia

I just had to drop you a note and say thank you. I just got up to move off the sofa where I had been sitting during our session – I was able to walk pain-free across the room for the first time in weeks.  For the first time in months I’m really excited about what happens next.

Robin Singleton, Australia

I have just completed a business mentoring session with Julie Lewin. Before the appointment, I had been confused for many months.  I didn’t know what my business objectives were and I didn’t have a plan of action in place. Julie pinpointed where I was limiting myself and helped me open my mind to the possibilities of my business.

I now feel very clear in terms of my objectives, what it is I want and where I am going.  I also have a firm plan of action that will help me achieve these objectives. Thank you Julie – I am excited about the future!

Karen Lowe, Melbourne, Australia

It was better than we could have imagined.  Thank you so much.  I was so glad I insisted that we have a session with you.  Michael came along for the ride but in the end he got more out of it than me I think.

I slept so well and yes I woke feeling rejuvenated.  Thanks again.  Will keep you posted with our progress.

Isabella Carter, Practice Paradox, Australia

Your insights have yet again proven to be such a help and guidance for me not only in my personal life but also professionally as I make the transition from working for someone else to being my own boss. And for that I can’t give enough thanks – its a scary enough transition to do, so knowing you’re behind me is reassuring.

Your business coaching session wasn’t what I expected but its had such a big impact on me that even now (3 days later) I’m still feeling amazed / surprised / delighted / empowered….I’m not sure what word other than WOW I can use to describe it.  The session helped clarify my thoughts and gave me alot of ideas about options to explore. I look forward with excitement about putting our discussions into action.  Knowing me I’ll be listening to the recording of the session any number of times in the coming weeks.

Carita Gronroos, Graphic Designer / Actor, Sydney

In 2009 and 2010, I engaged Julie to work with me in establishing the online side of my business. In particular she helped me develop a marketing program using Google AdWords. Not being very technically savvy at the time, I needed someone who could explain things in easy to understand and jargon free ways. Julie had a real ability to do that. More importantly, she had great patience which I valued enormously.

She gave me time over and above the call of duty and her follow-up was exceptional as she sought to ensure that I understood what she’d taught and explained. I am sure that the qualities Julie displayed in her work with me are very much part of the professional she is and I highly recommend her to anyone who would seek to use her services.

Maree Harris, Mentor and Coach, Australia

Julie is one of the most talented people I have ever met. She is a shining light and at the absolute top of her field. Attending Julie’s retreat was the most incredible training I have received and a quantum leap in my professional and personal growth. The world needs more people like Julie and if you have a chance to work with her, you are one of the luckiest people on earth.

Madelaine Cohen, Chirosports, Sydney, Australia

Julie is too good of a secret to keep! Julie’s Internet web based technical and copywriting skills are excellent. She is also a successful ‘outcome’ driven coach who always exceeds expectations. Julie has a gift at being able to easily and quickly identify the real core issues…and she has a heart of gold! I have no hesitation in recommending her in anything she has undertaken to do.

Mara Egan, Copywriter, Australia

Julie is a highly motivated and talented lady who cares about others and is genuinely interested in inspiring and helping them to become more of themselves. She is capable in the technical (internet) field as well as being an evolved spiritual being who has created her own meditations and healing modality. It is a privilege to have worked closely with Julie through Our Internet Secrets, and I admire and thank her for what she does. It is magical!

Joan Small, Author, Australia

Julie coached me on several occasions to build my business. Her knowledge of all aspects of internet marketing, from website design, copy writing, and business design was so helpful.

Julie helped me to see clearly what I needed to do to build an successful business online.

Gail Bennell, Speech Pathologist, Australia

Julie is a reliable and fantastic coach and mentor. She takes her time with you to give you the best outcome specific to you. She has a very warm and caring nature, and you certainly feel looked after!

Annette Corrie, Director, La Mode College, Australia

I have worked with Julie and I can say without hesitation she really knows her work, Julie has a natural ability to help people across all works of life. When you need this direction I would strongly recommend seeing and or speaking with her it may just change your life.

David Simpson, Gold Coast, Australia