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Visualisation and our health

More and more people are using visualisation to improve their health. When you think about it, our brain is so powerful that even science doesn’t know everything about it. An organ that controls our every function has got to be pretty incredible.

How can we harness this power in terms of our health?

First we need to understand what visualisation is.

Have you heard the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’? Nothing could be more true in terms of visualisation. While affirmations are great for us, visualisation takes this to a whole other level.

Visualisation involves holding a picture or video in your mind of what you want. You can see what is happening and you are in charge of making it happen. You are in control of the movie.

Concentrating and focusing on what you want trains your brain. This is the connection between your mind and your body. If your brain knows what do to, the body will follow. This is when the healing starts – when you BELIEVE it will.

This technique is incredibly powerful when applied to your health. Visualisation can be used to help with pain relief, to heal emotional issues, to achieve goals and much more.

Here’s a simple exercise for pain relief.

  • Visualise the area in pain is flooded with royal blue light for 2 minutes.
  • Then focus flooding the area with red light for 2 minutes.
  • At the end of this second stage visualise the red turning into a tornado style vortex and moving away from your body taking any residue of pain with it.

Dr. Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical School has been quoted as saying “We know that belief can lead to healing or at least improvement in 50 percent to 90 percent of diseases, including asthma, angina pectoris, and skin rashes, many forms of pain, rheumatoid arthritis, congestive heart failure. They’re all influenced by belief.”

This is an incredible success rate!

What’s our body’s role in this?

Did you know that we have an ‘emotional centre’ in our brain? It’s called the hypothalamus and it’s job is to turn emotions into a physical response. The hypothalamus receives messages via neuropeptides and then decides how the body will react. The ultimate link between mind and body!

If we can train our mind to believe that we will heal, our body will follow.


For some people, a guided visualisation is more helpful than an independent one, as they are able to relax more and just listen to someone’s voice. Either way, it is important to be relaxed and comfortable.

Be clear about your intention for this time.

  • What is it that you want to achieve?
  • Try to engage all of your senses
  • What does this look like?
  • How does it feel?
  • Does it have a smell?
  • Can you hear anything?

Take this important time for your self and your healing.

I have been working with visualisation for more than 30 years and would love to help you. Please contact me to organise a free initial chat.

JulieLewin-greyjacketJulie Lewin – a world renowned Medical Intuitive started her journey into the art of intuition in 1984. She appeared in four episodes of the TV show “The Extraordinary” which was syndicated to 22 countries.  She’s a published author, Amazon #1 Bestseller and has a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science. Julie won the Our Internet Secrets Business Builder Award 2013, has founded a charity, and teaches her healing modality.