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 Fast-Track Your Career Growth: The Trailblazer Retreat

A Two-Year Coaching Journey Compressed into four Empowering Days!

Are You Determined to Crush Self-Sabotage and Accomplish Your Major Goals like a Top 1% Performer? Then immerse Yourself in Julie Lewin’s Bespoke 1:1 Intensive: Chart Your Course, Overcome Challenges, and Equip Yourself with Practical Tools for Sustained Success

Dear Trailblazer, envision a journey unmarred by the pitfalls of self-sabotage. Persisting on your current trajectory could invite a whirlwind of complexities – health roadblocks, interpersonal tensions, legal quandaries, and financial obstacles. These potential hindrances can sidetrack you from the extraordinary potential that lies ahead.

Imagine recapturing the absolute joy of daily laughter and unabashed fun. Together, we’ll peel back the layers of burdensome ‘adulting’, unearthing the pure, childlike delight that lies beneath. Daydreaming will be our compass, guiding us to this internal reservoir of joy, ready to be tapped even amidst life’s greatest challenges.

Visualize the immense value you can contribute when you truly acknowledge your worth. By incorporating our three core principles of communication—with yourself and others—you’ll cultivate a sense of deservingness, enabling you to actively participate in, and openly receive, your desires without the shadow of self-sabotage.

Picture the exhilaration of having complete control over your finances, with more than enough to cater to all your needs. We’ll explore how to generate more income by leveraging lateral thinking and your unique expertise. This engaging process will stir your imagination and creative juices, instilling a sense of vitality and aliveness within you.

Imagine a world where you no longer push yourself to the brink of exhaustion. I’ll equip you with straightforward strategies and a fresh mindset, enabling you to complete your work efficiently and still have time to retreat to your sanctuary, savoring the rewards you’ve earned. And no, this doesn’t involve yet another ‘to-do list’!

Picture regaining your zest for life, your MOJO. Awaken each morning, brimming with anticipation for the day ahead. Through some simple, daily rituals, your mojo will be amplified to its maximum, boosting your self-confidence, and empowering you to proactively and wholeheartedly engage with life.

Transition from experiencing stress peaks to effortlessly managing unexpected bills. We’ll set up a system that secures a secret stash of funds for unforeseen emergencies. The peace of mind this system provides is truly invaluable.

This may sound too good to be true, but its not because we’ve done it!

If these visions strike a chord with you,
let’s have a conversation

Please note, there’s absolutely no obligation to proceed with my services

Trailblazer do you …

  • Feel an intrinsic pull towards a unique purpose, a sense that you were born to contribute something extraordinary?
  • Live on the periphery of society, your family, and your friends, keeping parts of yourself hidden due to a fear of being misunderstood or not fully appreciated?
  • Hear a persistent inner voice, urging you to embark on that particular journey you were destined for?
  • Experience an overwhelming pressure to fulfill your purpose and create a meaningful impact?
  • Possess an insatiable thirst for knowledge, having studied extensively, yet still wrestle with the feeling that it’s not quite enough?
  • Grapple with the chains of perfectionism?
  • Harbor doubts about your innate talents and intuition?
  • Find trivial social exchanges challenging and often find yourself evading social situations?
  • See yourself as a profound thinker?
  • Feel as if you’re yet to find your true tribe or your ‘people’?

I can help you with this!

An intimate retreat

Immerse yourself in a one-on-one bespoke retreat intensive nestled in Warwick, Queensland, close to the enchanting Border Ranges and set upon the banks of the spring-fed Condamine River. This idyllic sanctuary (our home on 1/2 acre) offers the perfect backdrop for two half days + two full days (three nights) of deep personal exploration and growth with Julie Lewin, your guide on this journey of personal and professional transformation.

If you’re prepared to:

  • Embrace your innate calling and take decisive actionnow is the moment
  • Cherish the incremental steps, recognizing them as the essential building blocks of your transformation
  • Let go of perfectionism, acknowledging it as a disguise for procrastination
  • Realize that you already possess the knowledge and skills necessary to create a significant impactyou’re ready now 
  • Break down your goals into manageable steps, dissolving the overwhelming belief that you must assist everyone… remember the power of indirect influence via the ‘six degrees of separation’
  • Elevate your personal and professional life, achieving your deepest desires, dreams, and plans… you’re capable
  • Give life to your purpose and commence the creation of your legacy the time is now

Then this retreat is designed specifically for you

Do you possess a robust toolbox of resources that enable you to revive your energy, recalibrate your mind, and persist in chasing your dreams in a healthy, stress-free way?

In our bespoke retreat intensive, we do more than merely provide these resources; we deliver the expertise you need to seamlessly incorporate transformational shifts into your everyday life, without diminishing their efficacy.

Moreover, we empower you to tailor-make your own roadmap and daily routines from this extensive resource bank. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the necessary steps to leave your unique mark on the world.

The world is waiting for you!

Are you READY to do this?

Then, come on a DEEP DIVE

Trailblazer Retreat Intensive

WHERE: Warwick, Queensland

WHEN:  Ask about dates, we are flexible

Here’s some of what past “Trailblazers” have done post-retreat?

  • written and published books
  • run their own successful retreats
  • built international coaching businesses
  • launched online training programs
  • developed their own healing modalities
  • launched global movements
  • subdivided farm into rural getaways
  • started their dream career

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

This is exactly what happened when I met Julie. She is able to see the brilliance in others when they cannot see it for themselves, and then release the emotions that hold them in those limiting patterns. I left the retreat with more enthusiasm for life, more clarity about my business and faith in my ‘gut feelings’.

I would encourage anyone to jump in, feet first and do it.

Stephanie Mellick

Head Consultant and Strategist, Iron Advisory

Clarity, Purpose and Direction for my Business

Julie really listened and got where I was both in life and business – I knew I had to work with her.

The Retreat was a perfect blend of personal development, spirituality, and business acumen for me, all the while enveloped in a nurturing and supportive cocoon that Julie and Frank offer.  All the issues / outcomes I brought with me to the retreat (both personal and business) had completely dissolved / been resolved by the end, which is an absolute testament to the depth and breadth of what Julie offers and what you can gain from working with her.

Melissa Meagher

Money Coach, Talking Money

 Achieved Inner Peace

One weekend on retreat with Julie to achieve what thirty years of on and off therapy and counselling couldn’t. Inner Peace. I had always been sceptical that it even existed. Julie never tried to ‘teach’ me how to find it. She simply provided the space and guidance for me to connect with myself and then validate it for me when I did.

The retreat experience was one of pure nurture, acceptance and acknowledgement for who I truly am, and this has allowed me to be nurturing, accepting and acknowledging of myself. It has flowed into my relationships and my business, creating opportunities that I never thought possible.

Victoria Bowring

Sydney, Australia

Is This Retreat Your Perfect Match?

♥ Tired of procrastinating and ready for unparalleled success?

♥ Primed to obliterate frustration-causing barriers?

♥ Yearning for deep connection with your unique talents & clear career or business vision?

♥ Keen to unlock the next level in your professional journey?

♥ Ready to embark on a spiritual journey aligned with your deepest purpose?

♥ Looking to restore balance through holistic healing?

What Treasures Will You Take Home?

  • A masterfully-crafted roadmap to your reinvented life, complete with action steps that pave the way to your unique destiny
  • A versatile toolkit brimming with practical resources, designed to sustain your vibrational shift and seamlessly weave your transformative experience into the fabric of your everyday life
  • Five distinctive healing templates, each acting as a personal power source to keep you thriving and energized as you share your magic with the world
  • An invaluable guide to your master sabotage pattern, allowing you to identify and halt self-defeating behaviors at every stage – an asset that’s truly beyond measure
  • Two pieces of sacred artwork, vibrant visual narratives of your transformation, each infused with vibrational support to guide your journey for the next 12 months
  • A collection of your own mesmerizing light vortex photographs, captured during a unique adventure into nature, serving as vivid reminders of your journey of self-discovery
  • A living journal filled with the highlights of your breakthrough transformation

Julie, I'm READY to trailblaze!

Discover a world of enriching experiences:…

  • Revel in the comfort of your personal retreat space, featuring a queen bedroom and shared bathroom, designed for optimal relaxation and tranquility
  • Savour a delectable array of 3x breakfasts, 3x lunches, and 3x dinners, expertly crafted by our in-house intuitive chef, Frank. All meals are thoughtfully prepared with organic ingredients wherever possible, and are gluten-free and adaptable to any specific dietary needs
  • Embrace an alcohol-free environment, complemented by a selection of refreshing juices, delicious barista coffee, a variety of teas, and soothing herbal infusions
  • Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of nature with experiential walks along the river and quiet moments of reflection in specially designated spaces
  • Begin your days with rejuvenating morning meditations + additional periods for introspection in nature
  • Engage in transformative sessions designed to unearth your unique gifts and talents, conduct a thorough SWOT analysis, craft SMART goals, and blueprint your business or career trajectory
  • Explore Sacred Art, a remarkable journey of self-discovery that uncovers your hidden magic
  • Step into the heart of a magical rainforest, capturing light portals and enhancing your mobile photography skills 

Astounded at the progress I have made!

I was searching for something to help me clarify my life’s purpose and to give me the strength and confidence to live it! The retreat has been one of those life changing events that has reset and enabled me to launch into the rest of my journey with new vigour, confidence and purpose. Retreat + twelve months mentoring …

  • I am a better version of myself and as I transform so do my family and those I come in contact with.
  • I use the tools, learning and inspiration that Julie provided during the retreat naturally and easily in my everyday life.
  • I am more in tune with myself, my intuition and the endless possibilities that are ahead.
Kerren McNamara

Managing Director, Kin Property

I had no idea how life-changing identifying my master sabotage pattern would be!

To say that the Trailblazer retreat was groundbreaking is an understatement. I came away with more clarity, more energy and more ‘wonder’ment about my life and legacy. I highly recommend this experience for anyone seeking more insight into their own limiting patterns of behaviour, more clarity around what legacy they wish to leave, and the difference they wish to make in the world.

Jodi O'Connell

Office Manager

Q & A’s …

Q: Why have others come to previous retreats?

A:  Previous attendees have come for their own unique reasons. However, there have been some common reasons as well.

“As soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to be there!” – Many people have given this as one of their reasons for coming.

  • It is your soul responding at a level many never experience.
  • It is a powerful knowing.
  • If you feel this when you read our website, your soul is telling you this is important for the next chapter in your life and it is in alignment with you reaching your dreams and goals.
  • There may be no rhyme or reason for the feeling – it just is.
  • If you feel this – are you going to trust your gut?

“I wanted to learn how to run my own retreat.”

  • Many of the participants have been on 30+ years of personal and spiritual development.
  • Attending our retreat inspired them and gave them the confidence to step up and do the same with their unique wisdom and gifts.
  • This is the greatest compliment we receive from our retreats – to see attendees shining in their field of expertise.
  • Yes, we can support you in stepping up?

Are you ready to step up?

“I want to regain my health and vitality.” This is also a common reason for many attendees.

  • Intuitively they knew something different was needed.
  • If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
  • The healing templates and exercises you learn at this retreat are simple and easy to do.
  • You will transform your level of health and vitality with the broad diversity of techniques you learn.
  • Bring your stress levels down from 8-10:10 to 0-2:10 on your own.

Are you ready to have LESS STRESS AND more vitality and wellness?

Q: How did it change previous attendees lives?

A: There are many answers to this question, too. Here are some of the responses we have heard:

  • Your retreat kickstarted my spiritual and personal development adventure big time.
  • My transformation all started with your retreat.
  • You have joined all my dots.
  • You have answered questions I couldn’t find answers to over the past 20+ years.
  • Coming on retreat with you helped me explode my business to the next level.


Q: I’ve spent $1000s on help with little result and I am skeptical. How is this going to work for me?

A: Great question and one that I get asked often.

Many of my retreat clients have spent tens of thousands of dollars and worked with the best in the world, and still didn’t get the breakthroughs they were after. There are as many reasons as there are people for these outcomes.

We are all unique individuals. Based on feedback from previous clients, our retreats create permanent breakthroughs via a combination of the following:

  • Frank’s soul food – heals at a DNA level
  • the 1:1 bespoke structure – provides a space for you to be heard and helped
  • our radical approach to transformation – multi-dimensional healing with potent quantum energy activation
  • my ability to tune into your sub-consciousness and channel unique wisdom for you in a way that unlocks your blocks
  • we focus on bringing out the best in you, so you can see your hidden potential and realise you can do whatever you want to do with confidence

“If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me” is very relevant here.

Q: Why are the retreats alcohol free?

A: We have facilitated retreats with alcohol and without. In a retreat environment, we have observed that alcohol dramatically inhibits your experience.

There is a noticeable sluggishness (the liver) and dissociation from the program.

There is enough going on at a transformational level, without adding the fuel of alcohol to the experience.

Our experience has been that when the restrictions of no alcohol are in place you have more clarity and capacity to absorb, process and transform at a deeper level.

Q: Why is the retreat gluten free?

A: Julie is gluten free and needs to eat this way.

Also, when your diet changes there can be the complication of constipation. Eating gluten free reduces this problem from occurring.

Yes, if you are vegan, or have other food restrictions we will cater for this as well.

For example, Julie eats a FODMAP diet which is low allergy.

Q: Can I speak with a previous retreat attendee?

A: YES absolutely! There is nothing like speaking to a previous retreat attendee … if this is what will make the difference to you making your decision about coming, fill in the application form and ask to speak with a previous attendee.

There are many who would be happy to have a chat with you. Or simply email me or phone me +61 421 542 436 and ask.


Even more gifts!

We want you to succeed!

Bonus #1: 1 x 1 hr pre-retreat session with Julie & Tash (Value $550)
Bonus #2:  2 x 1 hr post-retreat sessions with Julie & Tash (Value $1100)
Bonus #3:  6 weeks of WhatsApp post-retreat support to keep you on track (Value $1350)



An adventure is full of mystery

You arrive in Warwick on the afternoon of Day 1

Your ADVENTURE begins with a snack and we get started

Day 2-3 will flow as follows:

7:00am – Cup of tea in bed

7:30am – Meditation and discussion

8:30am – Breakfast

9:00am – Experiential Learning

12:30pm – Lunch

1:00pm – Deep dive into your retreat wants

6:00pm – Dinner

6:30pm – Back into deep dive 

Depart  after lunch on Day 4

This is the plan, but it will remain flexible.

Julie, the BONUSES are amazing!

Hi … I’m Julie Lewin. As well as being a Medical Intuitive, I’m a Stress Management Consultant, Meditation Practitioner, Author, Speaker, Mentor + Coach. 

Trailblazer Retreats is a sanctuary where immersive, multidimensional residential retreats are more than just an experience – they’re transformative journeys.

The healing techniques I’ve developed are not just theoretical; they are born from my personal journey through deep healing crises. Confronted by the distress of living off-purpose, I devised unique methods to restore my health, vitality, and sense of purpose, and these techniques continue to fuel my life today.

With eleven enriching years of crafting and conducting both group and solo retreats, plus a remarkable 38-year tenure as a medical intuitive and intuitive business mentor, my expertise is not just extensive, it’s proven.

Having journeyed alongside more than 10,000 individuals as a medical intuitive, and having guided over 100 participants through life-changing retreats, I’ve witnessed countless breakthroughs and radical shifts in consciousness. With Trailblazer Retreats, you too can be assured of experiencing multiple transformative breakthroughs, preparing you to ascend to unprecedented levels of awareness.

Hi … I’m Tash Lewin. As well as being a Branding Expert & Graphic Designer, I’m a Stress Management Consultant, Mentor + Coach. 

In our work, I listen to your stories and pinpoint with laser focus the underlying pattern that no longer serves and needs to be reprogrammed. This type of coaching feels like a gift I was born with and have been doing with every relationship and interaction I have had my entire life. I listen, really listen, and I find what is unsaid. I can do nothing else, it is in my DNA. I actively co-create with Source, and work with the Akashic Records (my own method) to be a Catalyst and Activator of your gifts and soul mission. Whatever wisdom is required for you will flow through me from Source. It may seem like I don’t say much, but I have been told I drop the truth bombs like a mic drop straight into your heart :).

I am a 6/2 Mani Gen with predominant 5 & 6 line energies of leadership, practical wisdom, and role modelling boundaries & energy mastery.

It would be my privilege to be your Soul Work Midwife and to help you birth your deepest Soul Work onto the world stage.

The thing that drives us is our belief that everyone deserves to live a life of meaning and purpose!

If you agree, get in touch

What Your Retreat Experience Entails

Embark on a journey of rejuvenation with:

  • Inviting retreat accommodation (in our home) nestled on a lush half acre property, adjacent to the tranquil Condamine River in Warwick.
  • A bounty of nutritious, organic (where possible), gluten-free meals to nourish your body – 3x breakfasts, 3x morning & afternoon teas, 3x lunches, and 3x dinners, along with an assortment of revitalising herbal teas, barista coffee and fresh juices
  • The luxury of a private chef, Frank, who will also impart a fun and insightful cooking lesson
  • A daily assortment of indoor and outdoor activities to keep your mind engaged and your spirit uplifted
  • Morning meditation sessions to start your day with peace and clarity
  • A framed Sacred Artwork, a lasting memento of your transformative journey
  • A rainforest adventure filled with awe-inspiring waterfalls and light portals (weather permitting)
  • An updated SWOT Analysis & SMART goals blueprint for your business or career
  • Detailed instructions for a minimum of five Healing Templates
  • A comprehensive decoding of your master sabotage pattern
  • A beautifully crafted Living Journal, chronicling your retreat experience
  • Convenient return transport from Brisbane airport to Warwick (if required)

What’s Excluded:

  • Transport to Brisbane
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal items

Meet Frank Lewin, the intuitive culinary maestro and co-architect of Trailblazer Retreats (and Julie’s hubby).

For transformative journeys that permeate right down to your cellular or DNA level, we believe in engaging all aspects of your being – the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, auric, energetic, and etheric dimensions.

The key to unlocking this profound transformation lies within the physical body, and this is where my culinary artistry comes into play.

As an intuitive chef, I masterfully design and prepare food that goes beyond mere sustenance. Every meal is meticulously crafted to facilitate the kind of deep transformation you seek, serving as a bridge to seamlessly integrate your intangible bodies with your physical form.

The result? Alchemy in its most delectable form.

What would it mean to you to feel fully integrated – mind, body and soul?

 I know it is the SECRET ingredient to long-lasting transformation!

Retreat Intensive Details

Compress 2 years of coaching into

3 nights / 4 days

Warwick, Queensland

The Cost of 1:1 executive Coaching?

Picture this: Two years of individualised coaching with an elite executive coach. Now, picture the bill: up to $100,000. That’s the investment you’re looking at for this level of premium, personalized guidance.

But what if there was a more efficient, cost-effective way? A way to condense the value of those two years into a highly focused, 3 night/4 day journey?

Welcome to the Trailblazer Retreat.

Here, you’ll receive the equivalent of two years of executive coaching — and not just any coaching, but 1:1 attention from 2 x world-class mentors. No group sessions, no waiting for your turn to speak. Just you, your coaches, and a laser-focused plan for your success.

This is more than just cost savings. This is about making the most of your time and resources. The Trailblazer Retreat is an investment in your accelerated transformation and future success.

Don’t wait two years for the growth you can achieve in 3 nights/4 days. Embrace the opportunity to fast-track your journey with the Trailblazer Retreat.


This is a 1:1 immersion retreat in our home

Queen Room
(your own room – shared bathroom)

Private Chef – all meals and snacks

Morning Meditation + Introspection Time

SWOT analysis + SMART goals for business or career

Decode Master Sabotage Pattern

Experiential Transformation Activities

Healing Templates for Stress + Wellbeing

PLUS: Pre & Post Retreat BONUSES valued at $3000

Your Investment: AUD$9997 + GST

SAVINGS: 2 years & $90K

Registration by Application

 To Join Us

By Application Only

STEP 1: Complete the application form

STEP 2: We’ll book a chat

NOT SURE or HAVE QUESTIONS: Still fill in the form and let’s chat.

This Retreat is Truly Life-Changing

Cancellation Policy:

  • After completing your discovery call with Julie Lewin, and you want to proceed with your retreat booking, a $1000 refundable deposit will secure your spot.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the retreat in the event of an unforeseen emergency (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full).
  • Any cancellation you make before 4 weeks of your retreat the deposit is refundable.
  • Any cancellation you make between 2 and 4 weeks before your retreat will result in a loss of deposit.
  • Any cancellation you make within 2 weeks of the retreat will forfeit the full investment.
  • However, money can be transferred to another retreat within 12 months as an alternative to a refund.
  • All cancellations must be received in writing via email at: julie@julielewin.com
  • Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. Any medical expenses, quarantine due to COVID-19 or other cancellation costs of travel are at your own expense.

COVID-19 Policy:

If there is an International MANDATE RESTRICTING TRAVEL out or into the Australia, or any connecting countries associated with the outbound and inbound flights to attend the retreat or a restriction in the number of people that can gather at an event will result in the following: ALL DEPOSITS WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO A RESCHEDULED DATE FOR THE RETREAT.

Julie Lewin

If you don’t wish to register online or are having issues,  email Julie at  julie@julielewin.com.

Take the first step - Complete the Application Form