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Today I posted on my Facebook page the following message – and it created an avalanche of response … so have decided to share it here with you as well:

Jennie Armato has inspired me to share one of my major achievements so far … 27 years ago I was told I had two life paths …

The first one – well you wouldn’t choose that one.

And the second – the one I chose – was to explore metaphysics, spirituality and grow internally and share externally.

I can honestly say I’ve lived an extraordinary life … even though I’ve visited the bottom of the deepest darkest holes and been privileged to dissolve in the brightest of lights.

I intuitively knew one day that I would teach what I have learned from this wonderful adventure we call life … both the dark and the light.

In April 2012 … 27 years after deliberately choosing my life path – I shared my adventure with 5 awe-inspiring women at a 6 day retreat that I started planning 12 months ago. 2 x I had never met before, 1 x I met briefly for 5 minutes in a carpark and 2 x I was just starting to get to know.

Did I feel ready to do this?

In my heart I felt ready … in my mind (and I’m talking about my LEFT brain here) – WWWOOOAAAAHHHH – it was more like – what the heck do you think you’re doing!!!!

Was I prepared?

In my heart I knew all the exercises and elements I wanted to cover … in my LEFT brain mind – I was totally unprepared.

So … what happened?

Everyone arrived and the adrenalin was running through my veins and questions were bouncing around in my brain … Would they like the venue? Would they like me? (Yes, I do care) Would they like the food? Would they feel they got value for money?

I wondered if anyone would ask for a refund? This didn’t happen :).

Was I nervous


Did I let it show?

I don’t know. Possibly … I’m sure my hands were shaking.

In my sense of unpreparedness – I packed up a big plastic box filled with gifts and elements for the exercises for the next 6 days.

I wrote a loose schedule for the first 2 days and thought as I ran out of time – I’ll write the next day up the night before. Does anyone relate to that???? I didn’t end up writing up the structure for anymore days.

Session 1: We sat around a table drinking Rose tea and getting to know each other. That went well.

Session 2: I stood in front of this expectant group of women … and started speaking. I felt somewhat awkward … and after about 1/2 hour thought bugger it … I’m just going to pull up a chair and sit and chat.

I don’t know if you have experienced this – but sitting down (bending my knees) freed my trapped mind and allowed all my knowledge to just flow out of my being (I have to use that word, because I don’t know where it comes from).

Did the retreat follow the loose structure I had in my head?

NO … it was totally spontaneous and it was as if every woman in the room felt as though I was talking directly to her. There were many AHA moments. The awakenings were a delight to witness and experience.

It is reasonable to say – that all my preconceived ideas dissolved – and what flowed over the 6 days was perfect for each and everyone of us.

Did I achieve my 27 year goal?

YES … absolutely … and the transformation in these 5 women as well as me since this retreat is inspirational.

So … now that I have taken a breath to articulate this … and reflect on what I have achieved … it is celebration time !!!!!

Thank you Jennie for inspiring me to review this achievement and share it with you all. ♥

For more information about the next retreat … go to http://intuitivehealingretreat.com

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