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[testimonial1 author=””]Julie-smCall Julie Lewin now on +61(0)421 542 436

The best way to find out if Julie is the right mentor for you is to have a chat with her. [/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Alisse Bradley, Public Speaker & Coach, Australia”]”My life has changed epically!

AlisseI have just had a coaching session with one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Julie Lewin never fails to change my life epically!

Just loving watching my business unfold magnificently — Big thanks to Ms Julie Lewin — anyone looking to make a BIG Shift in their life needs to check out what Julie has to offer :)[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Linda Miller, Business Strategist, Melbourne”]“I Didn’t Think Anyone Could Help Me

Linda_Miller_PicWhen I came to Julie I was at a crossroads. Something was missing and it was affecting my success and my joy in business and life. I had been suffering these feelings for years and done heaps of personal development. Despite all the time, effort and money, I never managed to work out what the underlying issue was, let alone how to fix it and be happy.

I really didn’t think anyone could help me but in a 2 hour session with Julie, she identified  and eradicated the blocks that had been holding me back for years. Because of her work I am now clear, focused and excited. Not only that, but Julie gave me great new invigorating business ideas so I have purpose and practical strategies as well. I highly recommend Julie. She’s an excellent business mentor who gently but persistently helps you clear the pathway to success.”[/testimonial1]
[testimonial1 author=”Karen Lowe, Melbourne, Australia”]“I Now Feel Very Clear Moving Forward

KarenLowe-smlI have just completed a business mentoring session with Julie Lewin.

Before this appointment, I had been confused for many months.  I didn’t know what my business objectives were and I didn’t have a plan of action in place.

During this appointment, Julie pinpointed where I was limiting myself and helped me open my mind to the possibilities of my business.

I now feel very clear in terms of my objectives, what it is I want and where I am going.  I also have a firm plan of action that will help me achieve these objectives.

Thank you Julie – I am excited about the future!”[/testimonial1]
[testimonial1 author=”Isabella Carter, Practice Paradox,  Australia “]“It Was Better Than We Could Have Imagined 

IsabellaCarterThank you so much Julie.  I am so glad I insisted we have a session with you.  Michael came along for the ride, but in the end he got more out of it than me I think.
I slept so well and yes I woke feeling rejuvenated.  Thanks again.  Will keep you posted with our progress.”[/testimonial1]
[testimonial1 author=”Carita Gronroos, Graphic Designer / Actor, Brisbane”]“Wasn’t What I Expected

CaritaYour insights have yet again proven to be such a help and guidance for me … not only in my personal life but also professionally as I make the transition from working for someone else to being my own boss. And for that I can’t give enough thanks – its a scary enough transition to do, so knowing you’re behind me is reassuring.

Your business coaching session wasn’t what I expected but it’s had such a big impact on me that even now (3 days later) I’m still feeling amazed / surprised / delighted / empowered….I’m not sure what word other than WOW I can use to describe it.  The session helped clarify my thoughts and gave me a lot of ideas about options to explore. I look forward with excitement to putting our discussions into action.  Knowing me I’ll be listening to the recording of the session any number of times in the coming weeks 🙂 Thanks again.”[/testimonial1]