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Each day I channel messages specifically for that day. Take some time to sit back, read them and think about your current situation. How these messages relate to you? How can they help you go and reach new heights, or bring your peace and harmony?

I hope you enjoy them.

Sunday 25 February 2018

“You light up the day, you light up the night. The angels are around you. Listen carefully to what they say, as only goodness can come from the vibrations they send forth unconditionally and with love.”

Saturday 24 February 2018

“You can survive, you will survive and you will achieve great strength as you learn the tenacity of holding onto who you are and not be dissuaded by others around you who are not growing at the same pace as you.”

Friday 23 February 2018

“Go to the mountains and reach the heights. Whether in the physical or the spiritual, this is very important to achieve the altitude. The altitude of your mind, as well as your physical being, and you will reach new pinnacles of growth and this is another doorway to higher consciousness.”

Thursday 22 February 2018
“Today we congratulate you on the progress you have made. You have created a space for yourself within your mind and expanded your energy around so that there are more moments of peace and harmony than terror and destruction. Congratulations.”
Wednesday 21 February 2018
“The music in your ears. Where does it come from? It is a symphony of your life playing as you journey along the timeline you have created from conception.”

Tuesday 20 February 2018

“Every situation however bad it may be perceived, has a positive and negative vibration. Step back from your situation and find the positive, survive and get through the situation you find yourself in today.”

Monday 19 February 2018

“The fairies in the garden are calling, calling. They have a special message for you. Go and sit in your garden and listen quietly and you will receive their blessing and praise for a job well done.”


Julie LewinJulie Lewin – a world renowned Medical Intuitive started her journey in the art of intuition in 1984. She appeared in four episodes of the TV show “The Extraordinary” which was syndicated to 22 countries.  She’s a published author, two x Amazon #1 Bestseller and has a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science. Julie won the Our Internet Secrets Business Builder Award 2013, has founded a charity, and runs transformational retreats. JOIN our AreekeerA Academy.