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Your inner self is the core of everything – it is your inner sanctum and the place you can truly be yourself. Always be honest with your inner self and you will attract harmony and happiness.

Sunday 13 May 2018

“Have fun, let’s play! Remember you can create as much fun or laughter in your day as you want. Release the innocence of that child locked within your psyche and enjoy the exuberance this can bring.”

 Saturday 12 May 2018

“The importance of creation is the follow through care. If this is not sustained, the creation fades away. Therefore, all creation needs energy of some kind to continue its existence.”

Friday 11 May 2018 

“The accidents of life are the flagstones marking your journey thus far. Change your perception of your accidents and you will also change your memories.”

Thursday 10 May 2018

“Together we will journey to the sacred inner sanctum and be exposed to the glorious energy and harmony that exists there. Freedom of inhibitions is a key to energy this holy place. Do not worry what others say ot do, give yourself the gift of freedom and go to your inner sanctum and rejuvenate regularly.”

Wednesday 9 May 2018

“The scent of the rose is very beautiful. Don’t confuse scent with beauty. Many beautiful things do not have scent, but they do have an energy that can be experienced quite profoundly with a shift in perception of beauty.”

Tuesday 8 May 2018

“To join the flock is easy. To fly alone is more difficult, but greater heights are achieved, because there is no outside resistance to change.”

Monday 7 May 2018

“You so desire happiness, yet are so unaware of how to achieve it. You have a choice. Choose to let others resolve their crises, and use your energy to resolve yours. Be honest with your inner self and your crises will unravel in the desired way, bringing with it happiness and harmony.”


Julie LewinJulie Lewin – a world renowned Medical Intuitive started her journey in the art of intuition in 1984. She appeared in four episodes of the TV show “The Extraordinary” which was syndicated to 22 countries.  She’s a published author, two x Amazon #1 Bestseller and has a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science. Julie won the Our Internet Secrets Business Builder Award 2013, has founded a charity, and runs transformational retreats. JOIN our AreekeerA Academy.