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Colour healing is a such a fun topic … you can have lots of adventures and lots of joy with using colour in a conscious way. One of the fun ways that you can use colour is to go to the fabric store and get the 7 colours of the rainbow. That’s red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet.

Buy those colours in chiffon … the finest fabric that you can buy … and buy a metre square of each of the colours and you can either get them edged with an overlocker or roll them over and sew them yourself. It’s probably best if you do something with them.

Then experiment with colour healing and how you feel when you meditate under different colours. You’ll notice that the different colours will create a different vibration in your being … as you meditate under them.

So … that’s one of the fun things that you can do with colour.

What you’ll notice is that depending on the colour that you are wearing or your room is decorated in … or the sheets that you sleep in … they all affect your energy … your emotions … your well being.

The Power Of Pink

I’ve got a really cool story to tell you.

I worked with a girl whose grandmother was in hospital and they called all the family because they said, “Look she’s not going to make it another day. Come and say your goodbyes.”

When the family got there … grandma said, “I want new pink slippers, I want new pink pyjamas or nightie, new pink dressing gown, I want a pink toothbrush.”

It was all pink … and everyone just looked at each other and said, “Do you really think that’s necessary?”

She said, “Yes, I want it … and I want it now.”

Because it was her last wish … they went out and they bought all these beautiful pink things for her and she put them all on.

I forgot to mention, when someone is about to die they get this really grey colour about them and she was very grey. She had the death rattle … she really was in the last stages of the dying process. So the family went off home. It was evening … and they didn’t know if they were going to get a phone call during the night to say that she had passed.

In the morning, she woke up … she had roses in her cheeks. She was vital and vibrant … and she was completely transformed. It was like she had a new lease of life.

She says that it was all the pink.

The colour pink represents love, right? So she felt that she was just loving herself with all this pink vibration and let me tell you … since I heard that story I always take pink with me when I go to hospital.

You know … was it the pink that transformed her and gave her a new lease of life? I don’t know.

But … it’s actually worth experimenting with.

Decorating Your Room – The Power Of Colour Healing

Another thing that I have done … I renovated my office and I put royal blue carpet in my office. And I put a lot of blue things in my office to match with the carpet … because I’m turning it into a meditation space as well as my office.

So, it has two purposes … and I have to tell you, that since the blue carpet and all the blue things have been in my office I feel more peaceful. I feel more content. I feel like my life is flowing in a more focused direction.

Now … is that the carpet? Or is it just that I have just got my act together and I’m more focused? I don’t know. But … there was a significant change in how I felt about my projects after I put the blue carpet down.

I’m being exposed to this blue vibration everyday … and I love it.

Yellow For Nerves

So … have a think about what it is that you are doing with colour and how that can affect you. Now from memory … if you wear yellow, that is having a direct impact on your nervous system. If you have a nervous disposition, or you are having nerve problems in your body – wear yellow.

If you don’t want to wear yellow during the day – wear it as your sheets at night … or as your pyjamas … or as your laze around the house clothes if you don’t want anyone to see you in yellow.

Green For Healing

I use emerald green for setting the healing that I do when I do a creative visualization on a certain part of the body … so, if I feel that I need healing in any way … I wear my emerald green colours.

Julie LewinJulie Lewin – a world renowned Medical Intuitive started her journey in the art of intuition in 1984. She appeared in four episodes of the TV show “The Extraordinary” in 1994/96 which was syndicated to 22 countries.  She’s a published author, co-author of which 2 x Amazon #1 Bestseller and has a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science. Julie won the Our Internet Secrets Business Builder Award 2013, founded a charity in 2004, is a global & multi-language meditation teacher on Insight Timer, Brainwaves, NOW & OliOli apps and runs transformational 1:1 retreats