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 Mini JOY Break – “Serenity”

Sometimes you just need to take a little break.  My sister Linda and I have had such fun creating our series of Mini JOY Breaks for you.

This one is backed by Richard Goldsworthy’s beautiful, soothing piano piece ~ “Gentle Autumn Rain” from his “Silk” album.  You can purchase the album from Richard’s website www.richardgoldsworthy.net.

As you watch this peaceful and serene Mini JOY Break … allow all of your stress and tension to slip away:

  • with each twist of the picture …
  • with the dulcet tones of the piano … and
  • with the rainbow of colour that transforms the space around you

There are more things you can do to relieve stress in just two minutes.  Some of these are:

  • People in nature and sunshinego outside and raise your face to the sun and feel the bright sunshine draw the stress out of your body like a huge magnet
  • take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the green grass, feel the stress and tension be drawn through the bottoms of your feet down into mother Earth
  • look out your window, or stand outside and choose a tree with a brightness about it that draws you intrinsically to it … ask it for permission to breathe in its magnificent energy and send it back with gratitude as your breathe out
  • take a luscious hot shower with the water hitting the crown of your head … feel it strip the stress and tension away from your mind | body | soul … washing it down the plug hole – leaving you relaxed and refreshed

You can relieve the stress and tension in your day by taking a few minutes regularly just for you.  When you consciously release the pressure, you will have more clarity to respond rather than react.

Respond = a rational logical approach … meaning we think first

React = an emotional approach … meaning we instinctively defend ourselves in fight or flight mode

Enjoy these ways to release stress and tension and be creative in your quest for other ways.

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