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Mini “JOY” Break – A Walk Along The Condamine
To Relieve Stress in Less than 3 Minutes

Spring in Warwick is beautiful. Especially when you take the time to go for an early morning walk along the Condamine River.

The birds are excited to become new parents. The chicks are noisy and demanding. The air is crisp and electric with vitality and regeneration.

People are out walking enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

My sister, Linda, and I enjoyed many a walk along the Condamine River last spring. These are some of the photos she took as we discovered the wonders of nature on our early morning walks.

The birds had a rhythm and if we were there at the same time each morning their routine was such that we would see them in similar spots doing similar things. It is amazing to witness this in built schedule in the animal kingdom.

We hope you enjoy your Mini “JOY” Break.

We loved bringing it to you.

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