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Tip #3 – How To Stop A Headache

Day 3 – Birthday Month & 30 Years Exploring Metaphysics

Thank you for joining me to help celebrate an extraordinary life exploring the boundaries and beyond of what the mind can conceive and achieve.

Tip #3 is one of the techniques I used today to overcome my detox headache.

Today was a rough day – waking with a migraine and struggling till the afternoon. I tried 5 different things to move through the symptoms and only managed to drink 1.2 litres of water this morning.

I was surprised that just doing the water detox process (see Tip #2) would have such a strong reaction.

Here are the things I did to manage my migraine today:

  1. 1 x panadol (paracetamol) – I know it is not a natural remedy, but I sometimes resort to them
  2. latte coffee + condensed milk – this helped quite a bit, but not completely (I discovered some time ago that if I have a migraine and I drink a latte and have a caramel slice I can get rid it.  Not a healthy choice, but one that works.)
  3. my neck was tight and sore – I did my neck tension release technique (I will share this in an upcoming video)
  4. headache release technique (I will share this in tomorrow’s video)
  5. shower clearing techniquewatch this video to get the process

The shower technique worked really well today and I was well enough to do this video.

The interesting thing about this detox is not only the impact on my body, but also on my thoughts and my food choices.

Thank goodness the garden is full of snow peas I can go and munch on in my craving for fresh food.  Once the pressure of the headache left, I feel clear in my thoughts and clean in my body.

What can you do to help spread the word – you can share the video with your friends and family and like the video, too.

You can also leave a comment and let us know how the technique worked for you.

As good as any technique is you  have to REMEMBER to do it to experience the benefits, so make a note of it so you can use it when you need to.

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