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Since the dawn of man, non-physical vibrational healing (or energy healing) has been used for healing. Energy healing focuses on restoring balance and unimpeded flow in the body’s energy field. It is non-invasive, except in acupuncture, which only uses extremely thin needles to painlessly stimulate the flow of life force energy in the body. Some types of vibrational healing use physical means such as touch but many are “hands-off.”

Vibrational Healing Supports Free Energy Flow

Thousands of years ago, Chinese healers mapped out specific points in the body that correspond to energy flow. Acupressure and acupuncture stimulate these points, or energy channels, to cure everything from allergies to thyroid issues. Vibrational healing supports the body’s health by freeing energy flow, since imbalances and blockages result in poor function in specific organs – and since the body operates as a system, malfunction in one organ soon affects the entire system.

Our thoughts are energy, just as much as our physical bodies. Our thoughts and emotions influence our body’s energy field. The negative energies of fear, worry, anger, doubt, guilt and jealousy can block energy, causing it to stagnate. The blockage or disruption of energy causes disease. In fact, the word “disease” means, dis-ease, or disharmony. Or in essence – chaos in your energy field.

You can look at the flow of energy through your body as your bloodstream. If you press down on a vein you’ll cause the blood to stop flowing; this will affect the downstream part of the body.

Or, if you think about energy flowing through your body like a river, you see that if you throw rocks (negative thoughts/emotions) into the current, eventually you’ll create a disturbance. The rocks may pile so high that they block the current. All downstream life will suffer; but so will the upstream life, because of abnormally high water levels. A trained healer can identify these blockages, and stimulate that area to help release the blockage.

Modalities That Get Your Energy Flowing

All types of vibrational healing seek to restore balance and flow. Acupuncture and acupressure stimulate the body’s energy centers or channels to enhance flow. Reiki employs energy transmission from healer to patient. Meditation and yoga create or enhance the patient’s One-ness with the universal consciousness.

Can you heal yourself with vibrational healing?

Yes, you can!

Most people who wish to be healed energetically choose to go to a healer, who is a facilitator who helps the patient let go of mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that cause energy to become blocked. Given the chance, the body has a miraculous ability to heal itself. But it requires balance in the system – through balancing energy and removing blockages, and it’s often easier for a healer to spot your mental/emotional blockages than it is for you to spot them.

Vibrational healing is still not widely accepted, but what is known is that the patient’s state of mind affects the healing process. It is sometimes enough for the patient to get into a better state of mind simply by agreeing to be healed. This change in the vibration of their thoughts influences the state of the energetic vibration of the body. If a patient refuses to believe that a cure is possible, then nothing – not vibrational healing, spiritual healing or conventional medicine, will work.

Stepping Into the Divine Stream

It’s fascinating to contemplate the direct relationship between spiritual awakening – the acceptance that we are part of the Divine Universal Consciousness – and physical, mental and emotional health. Feelings of serenity, happiness and wholeness replace feelings of separateness, alienation and fear. This results in an upward spiral of energetic vibration. And so, a better state of health is created.