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This retreat is for people who want to decode their master sabotage pattern & know 2019 is the year to step up, do the inner work and take the action.

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Join Julie and Frank Lewin

at this magical location

to Decode your Master Sabotage Pattern

and Uplevel your Business & Life

on this 1:1 Transformational Adventure

Warwick, Queensland

on dates which suit you

Warwick is part of the Darling Downs region.

It is located on the inland side of the Great Dividing Range, 2 hours west of Brisbane.

Do you want to decode your master sabotage pattern, and uplevel your business and your life?

If having the RESOURCES to help you do this is important to you – then you’ve got to come on this retreat!

Because even if you’ve NEVER heard of Intuitive Healing Retreats before…

And even if you NEVER thought you could really decode your master sabotage pattern or uplevel your business and life …

This residential training retreat WILL change your life forever, in extraordinary ways!

Join us in 2019

“Ring of Purpose”

Trailblazers Retreat

Accommodation – 1 x queen, Gourmet Meals, Meditation, Experiential Healing Techniques, Practical Resources, your Soul Purpose map, Rainforest and Nature Adventures

PLUS – Bonuses

2 private sessions | unlimited email support for 6 weeks | AreekeerA® Level 1 Self-Care Online Training
[Total Bonus Retail Value $1749]

By Application Only
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Retreat Terms: 

Secure your place with $1000 deposit and final payment required 14 days before the retreat. Once your deposit is paid, you will be given access to the online academy and get started on the AreekeerA® Level 1 Self Care Program.

Yes, we can arrange a payment plan to suit the dates you want to attend.

Cancellation policy: 

Applications cancelled more than 30 days from the date of the retreat will receive a full refund of deposit and cancellation of the AreekeerA® Level 1 Self Care Program or you can leave your deposit in place and reschedule to a later retreat and keep access to the AreekeerA® Level 1 Self Care Program.

Applications cancelled within 30 days from the date of the retreat will lose their deposit and keep the AreekeerA® Level 1 Self Care Program or you can reschedule to an alternative date. 

In the event of a calamity and we need to cancel you will receive 100% of your funds back or we can reschedule to a later date.

Travel insurance

This is recommended.

Your payment options are: 

Credit card, PayPal or direct deposit via internet banking. If you need to organise a payment plan, we take payments through Stripe and the amounts will be automatically deducted from your credit card each month.

You deserve to know your purpose, live your purpose and create your living legacy, too.

Julie, it all started with you. After attending your first retreat in April 2012, I have gone from strength to strength – both personally and in my business. Instead of closing my business down and moving into retirement, I have resurrected it with pizzazz.

I can honestly say that I am healthy, I now love and like myself, am confident, enjoy life and have loads of fun. I have doubled my income, built a training room for women’s groups, classes and workshops and have totally stepped into my power at all levels.

Thank you for being the catalyst that started my massive transformation at a stage in life where my friends are retiring.

~ Macky Steele Scott, Intuitive Holistic Coach

I attended Julie’s retreat in September 2018.

Before going, I listened to one third of the online course AreekeerA® Level 1 Self-Care program which was a retreat bonus.

The academy was powerful; the retreat was more powerful because it was tangible.

Throughout the retreat I learnt in different ways: from the other ladies, from the environment and from Julie, directly and indirectly. She helped all of us to pull out our Ring of Purpose with different retreat activities.

Catch the Subtle Messages

For me, the message behind every activity was very helpful and meaningful. I learned to read the metaphoric part in everything I made. Such as, I learned to catch a message from all the little things that before appeared to me to be insignificant. I started to be aware of everything surrounding me, and now feel responsible for my life.

Once I came back home from the retreat the magic was still inside me, and I have made a treasure of Julie’s teaching. I kept going with my online studies and put everything into action.

My relationship with my husband is getting better and better. I share with him everything and we are growing together.

I use some of Julie’s techniques with my boys. They are 6 and 4 years old, and I think it is fantastic to give them, at this stage, tools to manage their feelings and avoid blocked energies that can become health problems ahead. I am teaching them techniques to calm down, to manage scary dreams and to protect themselves.

Now, I have the confidence to use my magic and I am helping a friend in this moment of her life. I have a lot of projects for the future. My family has the priority now, so I am moving step by step.

The Gift of Self-Understanding

What has been important for me is to understand what I like and am good at doing in this life. Julie helped me pull this out of my subconscious. From the moment I found out my purpose, everyday life makes more sense. This is what happened to me during and after the retreat. My magic came out.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to do, a lot of practice and it requires commitment. But at least the sensation of being lost in the world has disappeared and now I know where I am going. It does not matter how long, it will be as long as it takes. I feel it is important that I have the tools to live in harmony with myself and be able to follow my belief.

My genuine gratitude and appreciation is for Julie and her work. With her humility and passion she directed me to find myself. Thank you.

~ Alessandra Acciai, Health Coach