If you’re an Intuitive Leader with the “Ring of Purpose”, who’s ready to Pursue and Give Birth to your Purpose, join Julie Lewin for an intimate Soul Activation retreat to Unlock Your Roadmap and create your legacy

20 – 25 January 2019

31 March – 5 April 2019

16 – 21 June 2019

1 – 6 September 2019

17 – 22 November 2019

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Intuitive Leader,

Imagine for a moment, your body drops into quiet reflection and deep relaxation as you wander barefoot along the beautiful Condamine River. In the peace and quiet, with the odd splash from the families of ducks and the cormorants diving for food, you have a revelation about your purpose and legacy.

You feel the magic of YOU. All your dots join up. You have your plan and it feels sooooo good to have that clarity. 

You instinctively know procrastination is gone. You know deep in your bones, the time has come to show up in all your magic.

You can have this!

Oh the joy of daily laughter and having fun! We’ll peel back the layers of serious “adulting” to the innocent joy of a carefree child. Daydreaming is key to accessing this inner well of joy, which you do have, and you’ll learn how to tap into this in the midst of all crises.

Can you imagine how much you can bring to the world when you feel worthy? When you engage our 3 principles of communication (with yourself and others), you will feel worthy and be able to participate in and receive what you want without self-sabotage.

It is totally amazing to feel in control of your finances and have enough and more for all your needs! You’ll learn how you can create revenue through lateral thinking and leveraging your time and expertise. It is fun and gets your imagination and creativity juices flowing which makes you feel alive and vital.

Oh my goodness, what a gift – I’ll teach you how to stop working before the point of exhaustion! With a few simple strategies and a quick re-frame of your thinking, you’ll be powering through your work and be home in your nurture zone enjoying the rewards you deserve. And no – it does not involve a “to do list”!

YES! It is incredible the impact getting your MOJO back has. You wake up in the morning excited to get on with your day. You can’t wait! With some quick and simple daily rituals your mojo is switched to maximum and your self-confidence makes you pro-active and engage fully in your life.

From spikes in your stress levels to calmly paying unexpected bills – you’ll never have to worry about this again! We have a system for having a secret stash of funds for all emergencies. The relief you feel knowing and using this system is priceless.

If this resonates … let’s see if you have the Ring of Purpose

You have the “Ring of Purpose” if …

  • you have a dark ring around the outside of your iris like in this picture
  • you feel you were born to do something special with your life
  • you feel on the edge of society, your family and your friends – you keep back parts of you because you feel misunderstood and people don’t really “get you”
  • you feel overwhelmed by the huge pressure to bring your soul purpose to the world and leave your legacy
  • you are an avid learner who has studied sooooooooo much yet still feel you don’t know enough
  • you suffer from perfectionism
  • you doubt your gifts and intuition
  • you are a deep thinker and feel that social chit chat is a waste of your time and you avoid social situations as much as possible
  • you feel like you haven’t found your tribe / people yet

An intimate retreat in …

Warwick, Queensland … close to the Border Ranges and built on the banks of the spring fed Condamine River … is a MAGICAL place to spend 6 x soul activating days (and 5 nights) with international Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin + 4 other intuitive leaders who are prepared for an extraordinary adventure into self.

This retreat is for you if you are ready to  …

  • tame that monster pressuring you to do that “thing” that will benefit the world … give yourself a break
  • celebrate the small steps … they are the glue that creates your magic
  • release your need for perfectionism … this is a form of procrastination
  • admit you have learned enough to do that “thing” you were born to do … you know enough right now
  • break down your steps and manage the overwhelm of believing you have to help everyone … remember 6 degrees of separation
  • give birth to your purpose and create your legacy … it’s time, now

Do you have a toolkit of resources for maintaining all spiritual awakenings, higher energy attunements and that vital sense of wellness and wholeness experienced in multi-dimensional living?

With this retreat … you will get this toolkit of resources and integrate the shifts into your daily life without losing their potency.

And … you create your own protocol and daily actions from this toolkit of resources. You will know exactly what you need to do to bring your magic to the world.


Intuitive Leader the world is waiting for you!

If you are ready to

honour your soul contract,

commit to your soul activation and

create that “magic” you were born to do

Discover HOW at our 6 day “Ring of Purpose”

Soul Activation Retreat

Warwick, Queensland

20 – 25 January 2019

31 March – 5 April 2019

16 – 21 June 2019

1 – 6 September 2019

17 – 22 November 2019

Watch these heart moving messages from Intuitive Leaders who’ve attended previous retreats.

“Thank you Julie & Frank. I have quantum gratitude for what has been the best week of my life.

What you have both shared with me has helped me to grow light years.

I have laughed more in the last week than I have in decades.

What you both bring to conscious awareness is truly the gift of the universe and of God manifested in everything.

With love and gratitude.”

Madelaine Cohen, Executive Coach & Author of “Lateral Thinking Entrepreneur” Book Series

How do you know if this retreat is perfect for you?

You have PROCRASTINATED long enough … you know it is time to do that “thing” 

You WANT to learn how to remove your blocks … so you can create your legacy

You NEED this multi-dimensional toolkit of resources … to maintain your soul activations

You WANT to grow spiritually … so you feel connected at a deep level with your soul purpose

You WANT to be friends with kindred spirits … and feel part of a community of like-minded people

You WANT to heal your mind, body & spirit … and feel healthy with high energy and a sense of rich vitality

Here’s what you’ll go home with…

  • A toolkit of practical and tangible resources to help maintain your shift in vibration and assist your re-integration back into daily life without losing your new energy signature
  • As this is an intimate retreat with a max. of 5 people – you will have multiple opportunities for 1:1 laser focus time with Julie 
  • Instructions for 5 unique healing templates to help you stay well and energised to bring your magic to the world
  • A roadmap of your legacy and action steps for you to take
  • A close connection with up to 4 other remarkable and supportive leaders who have your back
  • The keys to locate your sacred centre of inner peace and tranquility so you can rejuvenate at will
  • Two pieces of your own sacred artwork which depict the transformational journey you experience – and imprinted with vibration to support your 2019 success
  • Your own photographs of light vortexes from a unique adventure into nature

Julie, I'm SO ready to give birth to my soul purpose!

Here’s what you will experience…

  • Comfortable retreat accommodation (4 queen size rooms and 1 single room) – air-conditioning throughout, 1 ensuite room and 2 shared bathrooms. (First to register gets the ensuite & last to register gets the single room – don’t delay – these retreats sell out)
  • 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches + 5 dinners guaranteed to be delicious and gourmet ~ lovingly prepared by our resident intuitive chef (and Julie’s hubby) Frank. All meals will be organic where possible, vegetarian and gluten free.
  • The retreat is caffeine and alcohol free ~ with plenty of fresh juice and herbal teas.
  • Experiential walks along the river and plenty of quiet time spaces.
  • Morning meditation + meditation and reflection time in nature.
  • Sessions where we explore your unique gifts and talents and create your 12 month roadmap.
  • Sacred Art – a unique way of discovering more about yourself and revealing your hidden magic.
  • The joy of transforming your body/mind with a minimum of 5 healing templates.
  • A magical rainforest adventure with light portals and photography lesson with your mobile phone.

September 2-7 2018 Retreat – Bursting with Joy

Julie I am bursting with joy. Absolute pure love and joy. And this is not something that is short lived. It’s way down into my bones. It’s raw. For many years I have not been able to move forward. And I got to the stage where I felt I would just explode or combust from keeping everything I have known and learnt and what I have wanted to teach to others shackled like broken dreams, lying dormant and shattered within me. Unrecognised. I had just been putting one foot in front of the other each day and soldiering on. Everyday my heart ached whilst I lived this lie. I had learnt  to put up a pretty good front.

Now, because you showed me the way, with your determination, love and wisdom, my heart has taken that great joy by the hand, and is leading the way. My greatest ally has become my friend, as those shadows have fled from me. And when more arise, I’ll know what to do. I have been set free, and this is no cliche. It is the Truth.

I can now truly step forward into my full strength and courage, and share my journey with others in the hope that they can move into that space and do the same. I can now live in peace. And that to me is everything. I have found my ring of purpose.

Your retreat is by far the best thing I have ever gifted to myself for my self growth and believe me I have done many. No more searching, for my magic has been found. And I’ll never let it go. I can’t thank you enough Julie. You are a beautiful soul and I mean that from the depths of my heart. 💕✨🦋

Cathy Finn-Morton

Shamanic Healer

Please read these Q & A’s …

Q: Why are the retreats alcohol and caffeine free?

A: We have facilitated retreats with caffeine and alcohol and without these stimulants. In a retreat environment, we have observed that alcohol dramatically inhibits your experience.

There is a noticeable sluggishness (the liver) and dissociation from the program. Caffeine tangibly affects the brain function and makes you more vulnerable to mood swings, aggression and slipping into the drama triangle (ie., persecutor, victim, rescuer).

There is enough going on at a transformational level, without adding the fuel of caffeine and alcohol to the experience.

Our experience has been that when the restrictions of no alcohol or caffeine are in place you have more clarity and capacity to absorb, process and transform at a deeper level.

Tea ceremonies have long been used to create a safe environment for the soul. At our retreats, we use herbal teas specifically to create a safe place for you to grow. These teas also provide you with taste anchors to reconnect you to your “aha” moments when you return home.

Q: Why is the retreat vegetarian and gluten free?

A: We have facilitated retreats with meat and gluten and vegetarian and gluten free.

We have found that when doing multi-dimensional work, the less effort your physical body needs to put into digesting and eliminating food the more energy you have available for releasing limiting beliefs, accessing your potential and amplifying your transformation.

Also, when your diet changes there can be the complication of constipation. Eating gluten free reduces this problem from occurring.

Yes, if you are vegan, we will cater for this as well.

Q: Why have others come to previous retreats?

A:  Previous attendees have come for their own unique reasons. However, there have been some common reasons as well.

  • “As soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to be there!” – Many people have given this as one of their reasons for coming.
    • It is your soul responding at a level many never experience.
    • It is a powerful knowing.
    • If you feel this when you read our website, your soul is telling you this is important for the next chapter in your life and it is in alignment with you reaching your dreams and goals.
    • There may be no rhyme or reason for the feeling – it just is.
    • If you feel this – are you going to trust your gut?
  • “I wanted to learn how to run my own retreat.”
    • Many of the participants have been on 30+ years of personal and spiritual development.
    • Attending our retreat inspired them and gave them the confidence to step up and do the same with their unique wisdom and gifts.
    • This is the greatest compliment we receive from our retreats – to see attendees shining in their field of expertise.
    • Yes, we can support you in stepping up? Are you ready to step up?
  • “I want to regain my health and vitality.” This is also a common reason for many attendees.
    • Intuitively they knew something different was needed.
    • If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
    • The healing templates and exercises you learn at this retreat are simple and easy to do.
    • You will transform your level of health and vitality with the broad diversity of techniques you learn.
    • Are you ready to have more vitality and wellness?
Q: How did it change previous attendees lives?

A: There are many answers to this question, too. Here are some of the responses we have heard:

    • Your retreat kickstarted my spiritual and personal development adventure big time.
    • My transformation all started with your retreat.
    • You have joined all my dots.
    • You have answered questions I couldn’t find answers to over the past 20+ years.
    • Coming on retreat with you helped me explode my business to the next level.
Q: I've spent $1000s on help with little result and I am skeptical. Why would I pay you?

A: Great question and one that I get asked often.

Many of my retreat clients have spent tens of thousands of dollars and worked with the best in the world, and still didn’t get the breakthroughs they were after.

There are as many reasons as there are people for these outcomes. We are all unique individuals. Based on feedback from previous clients, our retreats create permanent breakthroughs via a combination of the following:

      • Frank’s soul food – heals at a DNA level
      • the small group structure – provides a space for all to be heard and helped
      • our radical approach to transformation – multi-dimensional healing with potent quantum energy activation
      • my ability to tune into your sub-consciousness and channel unique wisdom for you in a way that unlocks your blocks
      • we focus on bringing out the best in you, so you can see your hidden potential and realise you can do whatever you want to do with confidence

“If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me” is very relevant here.

True growth happens when you have a challenge, you think about it, you come up with a solution and then seek advice by bringing something to the table as a starting point. Rather than wanting to handover your power to another by getting them to find your solutions for you.

Q: Can I speak with a previous retreat attendee?

There is nothing like speaking to a previous retreat attendee … if this is what will make the difference to you making your decision about coming, fill in the application form and ask to speak with a previous attendee. There are many who would be happy to have a chat with you. Or simply email me or phone me +61 421 542 436 and ask.


Even more gifts!

We have your back!

Bonus #1:  1 x 1/2 hr preparation session with Julie before the retreat (Value $200)
Bonus #2:  1 x 1 hr debrief session with Julie after the retreat (Value $333)

Bonus #3:  AreekeerA® Level 1 Self-Care Online Training (Value $750) (Does not include the Master Classes)

Bonus #4:  2 x fortnightly group Q&A calls + 6 weeks of unlimited email support to keep you on track (Value $750)


Pay your deposit TODAY and you get access to the Self-Care Online Training NOW

Join us in 2019

“Ring of Purpose”

Soul Activation Retreat

AUD$3597 + GST

Accommodation – 4 x queen rooms + 1 x single room (first to register gets the ensuite room; last to register gets the single room), Gourmet Meals, Meditation, Experiential Healing Techniques, Practical Resources, your Soul Purpose map, Rainforest and Nature Adventures

PLUS – Bonuses

2 private sessions | 2 group Q&A calls | unlimited email support for 6 weeks | AreekeerA® Level 1 Self-Care Online Training
[Total Bonus Retail Value $2033]

By Application Only
Complete your Retreat Application Form

If you are not sure and have questions – fill in the form and let’s chat

An adventure is full of mystery

You arrive in Warwick on Sunday between 3-4pm

Your ADVENTURE begins with a snack with up to 4 other Intuitive Leaders

Monday morning (and each day thereafter) will flow as follows:

6:30am – Silent Meditation for an half hour + group discussion

8:00am – Breakfast

9:00am – Experiential Learning in nature

10:30am – Morning Tea

11:00am – Experiential Learning

12:30pm – Lunch

1:00pm – Personal Reflection

2:30pm – Experiential Learning

4:00pm – Afternoon Tea

4:30pm – Experiential Learning

6:00pm – Dinner

6:30pm – Break

7:00pm – Evening discussion – 1/2 hour

Depart  2pm on Friday after lunch and closing ceremony

This is the plan, but it will remain flexible.

This has been the most profoundly AMAZING experience of my life.

Thank you both for the constantly welcoming attitude, the care and concern, the nurturing food, the blissful quiet and the fun.

I haven’t laughed so much for years. Julie, I am humbled and awed by your – being – and grateful for the time you allowed me to be with you.

I feel calm and happy and hopeful and excited. AWESOME. Thank you.

Cathie Hill

Metaphysics Researcher

What an amazing retreat I’ve experienced.

It’s a journey of discovery that will live and grow within me forever.

Thank you Julie for being the spark to light my flame.

Frank your food and generosity is such a joy to experience. Thank you soooo much. Care packages will always be appreciated.

Much love and blessing to you both.

Lorraine Mill

Breakthrough Intuitive for Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Julie, the BONUSES are amazing!

Hi … I’m Julie Lewin. As well as being a medical intuitive, I’m an Author, Speaker, Mentor + Coach. I also run deep dive spiritual immersion retreats at Intuitive Healing Retreats.

At Intuitive Healing Retreats, we specialise in experiential, multi-dimensional residential retreats. 

I’ve been running group and solo retreats for 6 years and have worked one:one with clients as a medical intuitive and intuitive business mentor for 33 years.

After working with over 10,000 people as a medical intuitive and facilitating over 30 transformational retreats, you can be assured you will have multiple breakthroughs and raise your level of consciousness radically.

What would it mean to you to have a toolkit of resources to help you give birth to your soul purpose, stay “in flow” and live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life?

I know it would mean EVERYTHING to you!

 Here’s what’s included:

      • Beautiful retreat accommodation in a quiet area, close to the Condamine River in Warwick 
      • 5 breakfasts, 5 morning teas, 5 lunches, 5 afternoon teas + 5 dinners  – organic, vegetarian, gluten free food + an assortment of herbal teas and fresh juice
      • Your own private chef (Frank) + a simple cooking lesson
      • Daily … 4 x group indoor and outdoor training sessions 
      • Group meditations in the morning; Evening discussion
      • Framed Sacred Artwork
      • A rainforest adventure with waterfalls and light portals (weather permitting)
      • Instructions for 5 Healing Templates
      • How to decode your roadmap for your soul purpose 
      • A beautiful Living Journal created during the retreat
      • Return transport from Brisbane airport to Warwick (if required) 

What’s NOT included:

      • Transport to Brisbane
      • Travel Insurance
      • Personal items

 Hi, I’m Frank Lewin, an intuitive chef and the other half of the team at  Intuitive Healing Retreats.

To transform at a cellular or DNA level, the best way we have found is to do that through all the bodies – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, auric, energetic and etheric. 

The door to this transformation is opened through the physical body. This is my area of expertise.

When you eat food uniquely designed and prepared specially for this type of transformation, it helps you integrate the intangible bodies with the physical body. Alchemy in action.

What would it mean to you to feel fully integrated – mind, body and soul?

 I know it is the SECRET ingredient to long-lasting transformation!

This Healing Intensive Retreat has been extraordinary.

It is actually indescribable. Julie is a Master of her profession.

Add to that her kindness, immense generosity, attentiveness and every other positive attribute contributed to a life-changing retreat.

All my questions have been answered, all my concerns have vanished to where they belong – out of my life.

We also had a lot of fun. Included in this experience was Frank, her husband, the chef extraordinaire, joker and great person. My love to you both.

Gloria Hamilten

Author and Mentor

WOW what can I say! All I keep hearing is welcome home.

This experience with you Julie has given me back to me. The learnings, the understandings and wisdom has completed my world.

I now know that my journey through Life is of Truth and Wisdom.

This then will lead me into my own private world of Healing.

I thank you and Frank for your Love and Support, may you both be surrounded by Love Always.

Dyane Hart

Holistic Therapist

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