Each day I channel messages specifically for that day, and for you. Below is a compilation of my messages from the past week coupled with flower pictures I took myself or my paintings. Use them to find the light within you everyday. I hope these messages and images resonate with you. I would love to hear what you think.

Sunday 14 January 2018

“The globe as it stands is in need of your love. Be a pinprick of light and watch yourself grow to erase the shadows and darkness that invades the harmony and ambience of our sacred place.”

Saturday 13 January 2018

“The magic of a flower opening is a wonder to behold. Remember you are all flowers in the bouquet of life. Be bright and beautiful and glow from inside, spreading the bright intensity of colour around your world.” 

Friday 12 January 2018

“The golden glove of the sun hangs in our sky as a symbol of the depth and the intensity of the Universal energy that is at our disposal to use in a constructive way in order to achieve balance and harmony today and every day.”

Thursday 11 January 2018

“Be very sure in your mind what it is you are asking, because the nature of the Laws of the Universe are such that at some level you will achieve it!”

Wednesday 10 January 2018

“The magic of romance can never be taken away. It belongs with mankind and its very existence. Be sure though not to confuse the word romance with the vibrations of fear, jealousy, rage, trauma, possession and the like. Romance is a pure expression of love to enjoy in the moment. If you try to hold onto the moment, it loses its purity and is no longer romance.”

Tuesday 9 January 2018

“Go forth now and conquer your fears. The splendour to behold is on the otherside of the waterfall of your tears.”

Monday 8 January 2018

“The angels are light beings who have been sent to assist in your discovery and by listening to them you will achieve your ultimate dreams. But in doing so, don’t be fooled into believing that because the angels are working with you that you don’t have to work. Any growth or development requires work by the recipient. Remember this important.”


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