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What’s your favourite colour?

That’s a question we’ve all been asked since we were very small. Certain colours resonate with each one of us. Some people love pink; others don’t have a single pink thing in their home.

Most of us wear the same few colours most of the time. Have a look at your wardrobe. What are your dominant shades? Colour has a very powerful impact on our emotions – and since emotions are critical to healing, you can lift your mood and create a more positive outlook, by surrounding yourself with the right colours.

You know how important colour is, even if you don’t consciously think about it

  • Have you ever been in a room that was painted a certain shade of something you hate, that agitated you to the point where all you wanted to do was leave as quickly as possible?
  • Have you ever been in a room painted in a colour that made you feel so warm and cozy that you wished you could stay forever?
  • Have some places inspired the artist within you just because they were a certain shade of your favourite colour?
  • Have some colours changed your mood from bad to worse, or from terrible to happy?

Colours do indeed have the power to change moods, and to heal

It is a well-known fact (since the dawn of medicine, and confirmed by modern science) that the mind is the greatest healing instrument known to mankind. Countless patients have been told that they would never recover, or never walk again… only to prove the doctors wrong. And countless others have taken a turn for the worse, or even died, when everyone thought they were on the mend.

The mind is powerful in dictating whether you heal or not.

Patients suffering from chronic illness, or a traumatic injury, are often very depressed, fearful and even angry. Those are highly destructive energies. The power of thought and emotional energy is undeniable – quite literally, what you think about, comes about – so if your thoughts and emotions are negative during an illness or injury, they must be made more positive.

One way to do that is with colour therapy

Stress is a major factor in keeping people from healing, and one of the most uplifting and de-stressing colours is… blue! Of course the shade of blue matters, as well as its tone – and it’s quite personal as to which particular tones and shades resonate with the individual. We associate the color blue with water, the ocean, and the sky – and with peace, tranquility and openness. Some blues are vibrant, dynamic and energizing; others cooling and soothing.

When you’re choosing colours to use as healing therapy, don’t automatically discount a particular colour because you believe it is not a “healing colour”; there are a great number of variations within the colour itself: different strengths, shades and tones will elicit different emotional responses.

Follow your intuitive guidance!

Colour perception and resonance with colours are individual things.

In general, you can follow these guidelines for using – or avoiding – certain colours to heal your particular ailment, whether it be physical, emotional or mental:

Red:  Associated with heat, the blood, energy, fire, anger, passion, love, courage and heroism. Many people find red to be energizing, but others find it agitates them. Red is the healing colour of the heart and is used to improve circulation.

Orange: Creates balance. Boosts immunity and sexual potency. Helps heal chest, digestive system and kidney ailments. Many people feel happier, warmer and uplifted when they see orange. Orange can be very intense, warming and energizing.

Yellow: Associated with the intellect and mental clarity, age and ageing and used to heal the spleen. Linked to the sun. Most people feel happier when they see the color yellow.

Green: Associated with Nature and youth, creative intelligence, healing and alchemy. Soft sage or light greens can very soothing and comforting. Green is used to heal the liver.

Blue: Soothing to the body and mind; associated with harmony, truth and serenity. Blue is cooling, calming and has reconstructing properties. Its cooling properties are useful for lowering fevers and healing the kidneys.

Purple is associated with nobility or royalty. Purple is useful in treating emotional problems, epilepsy, bone ailments, and rheumatism. Purple is useful in the treatment of pain and for deep tissue work.

White: Associated with purity, consciousness, peace, health and spiritual transformation. Used in healing the lungs. Many people feel uplifted in spirit when they are surrounded by white – but white can also be sterile and cold, so introducing a subtle shade of warmer colours into it can have beneficial effects.

Brown: Associated with the Earth. Calming, comforting and welcoming. Most people prefer lighter browns with a subtle purplish or reddish tint that is reminiscent of hearth and home, which represents comfort.

Black is not used for healing as it has a strong association with death, power, sadness, grief and negative psychic energy.

Gray is associated with extremely old age, depression, death and sadness, so it is not a suitable healing colour.

Meditate On A Colour

You don’t have to completely redecorate your home to speed up healing when you’re sick or injured, or even wear specifically coloured clothing or jewelry. You can meditate on a particular healing colour!

When you’re meditating, bring your attention to your ailment, and visualize colours permeating your body with each breath – flowing through you like wisps of smoke.

Some colours will elicit positive emotions; others will make you feel negative emotions. Allow the ‘negative’ ones to pass through, and welcome the colours that make you feel good – in other words, those that resonate with you and your particular ailment.

Allow your visualized colours to permeate you and “work” on the affected parts.

For example: you may feel blue tones cooling your fever or you may feel the heat of red stimulate your circulation.

Remember, you’re using the incredible power of your mind!

Whatever colour resonates with a particular need you have, use that imagery to lift your emotions and make you think positive thoughts. Then you’ll really speed up your healing!