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“I got your book tonight. THANK YOU! It is amazing – congratulations.” ~ Cathie Hill, Australia

“Hi Julie … I have to admit that I am not too keen on reading newsletters but I find myself eager to receive yours! I like this private ‘conversation’ I have with you. Looking forward to many more … Danijela”



Want better health, more vitality and freedom? A Medical Intuitive Session is PERFECT for getting to the source of what’s causing your discomfort – emotional, physical and/or spiritual. With an intuitive blueprint of your body, together we can work to transform your blocks Read more



Want to master the art of self healing with simple, yet effective healing meditations and techniques that anyone can do? Awaken Your Inner Healer: AreekeerA™ A Radical Approach to Self Healing is PERFECT for you if you want a toolbox of inner resources, always available, to transform any discomfort – emotional, physical or spiritual. Read more

Berries and your hormones

Berries and your hormones

Berries and Your Hormones With summer upon us (at least here in the Southern hemisphere) I am craving fresh fruits, especially berries. The sweetness and refreshment they bring on a hot day is pure joy, however there are so many more benefits than just the taste that...

Seeking samadhi in meditation – zigzagging across the line

Seeking samadhi in meditation – zigzagging across the line

Here is something to think about while seeking samadhi (the union with the divine) - meditation is simply a dance between seeking and avoiding. Anyone who chooses to meditate is seeking enlightenment, peace, calm or relaxation, and yet so many of us are avoiding the...

Fear, anxiety and the CV17 meridian

Fear, anxiety and the CV17 meridian

Do you know what the CV17 is? I didn't know what the CV17 is until researching this post.You have probably heard of energy meridians. And you probably know that along these meridians there are certain points that we can use to improve our health. In this post I want...

Why colours are so important

Why colours are so important

Ever wondered why some people are so comfortable wearing bright coloured clothing while others will constantly wear black and white, or neutral colours? Colour has a lot to do with our emotions and how we feel, and can often be expressed to the outside world through...


This personally tailored retreat is not for everyone.

It is for those who choose the High Road. This retreat is stretching, transformative and incredible.

  • Your true purpose is uncovered giving you much needed clarity
  • Your blockages are dissolved opening you to your true potential
  • Your patterns are identified helping you interrupt them before you go too far down the rabbit hole, and
  • You take away the resources to take daily action.

Contact Julie by email or phone her on

+61 421 542 436

to find out more details.

“This Healing Intensive Retreat has been extraordinary. It is actually indescribable. Julie is a Master of her profession. Add to that her kindness, immense generosity, attentiveness and every other positive attribute contributed to a life-changing retreat.” Gloria Hamilten, Entrepreneur, Australia

“Thank you Julie & Frank. I have quantum gratitude for what has been the best week of my life. What you have both shared with me has helped me to grow light years. I have laughed more in the last week than I have in decades. What you both bring to conscious awareness is truly the gift of the universe and of God manifested in everything. With love and gratitude.” Madelaine Cohen, Author, The Lateral-Thinking Entrepreneur Series

“Julie gave me the most amazing gift I could ever hope for. In just 3 days she helped me overcome the fear and shame that had stopped me from pursuing the one thing I REALLY wanted to do with my life for more than 8 years. I can’t put into words how valuable this is to me or the positive impact it has had on all areas of my life in the year since my time with Julie.  I don’t even want to imagine what my life might have turned out like had I not gone on retreat with Julie.  If you’re feeling frustrated or lost about where you are heading then I strongly recommend that you do whatever you have to do to go to Julie’s retreat. Thank you Julie from the bottom of my heart for the incredible gift you have given me!” Matt Cinnamond, Razz Marketing

“My heart and soul says thank you. Julie it has been truly transformative working with you over the last few days. Thank you for helping to clear my head injury, my appreciation knows no bounds. And Frank, the Master Magic Chef extraordinaire – your food is truly divinely inspired. Awaiting your website with anticipation to bring some magic into our kitchen. Much love” Louise Kelly, Physiotherapist

“This has been the most profoundly AMAZING experience of my life. Thank you both for the constantly welcoming attitude, the care and concern, the nurturing food, the blissful quiet and the fun. I haven’t laughed so much for years. Julie, I am humbled and awed by your – being – and grateful for the time you allowed me to be with you. I feel calm and happy and hopeful and excited. Awesome – thank you.” Cathie Hill, Author, The Ripple Effect of Being

“My heart was aching for healing and as soon as I met you I knew you were the ‘only’ one that would be able to help me achieve that. It happened in a way that I could never had imagined. It was a magical experience being on this retreat. Frank your cooking is divine! Thank you for feeding and pleasing my soul. You will remain dear to my heart.” Tracey Hay, Entrepreneur

“WOW what can I say! All I keep hearing is welcome home. This experience with you Julie has given me back to me. The learnings, the understandings and wisdom has completed my world. I now know that my journey through life is of Truth and wisdom. This then will lead me into my own private world of healing. I thank you and Frank for your love and support.” Diane Hart, Holistic Therapist